Sandusky Police
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 2:13pm
1800 block E. Shoreway Drive, woman met man on online website, invited him over for a movie, at some point she got up to use restroom, when she came back out the man and $82 of her money gone.



Maybe she should have suggested they go dutch ; ))))


I am SHOCKED at the people who meet at online websites and then call the cops because it goes bad. Be glad all that happened was stolen money!


Darn right she's lucky it could have been a lot worse!!


Always beware the grifter .


More like always beware the giggolo.


This just happened to me a few weeks ago-he got me for all my rent money though.....


So, what you are saying is, is you weren't cautious enough and brought in someone you had only just met off line for the first time?

I know it's possible to find love on the Internet. My brother met his wife on yahoo chat. But not every relationship online is a fairy tale. You cannot trust most people now a days.


Meeting online is no different then picking someone up in a bar. Which has become the "norm" in today's society... You never really "know" people. And unless you have 10 locals that have lived there more then a decade, that you can poll on another's background. Best advice is of course to meet them in public the 1st few times. Hide your money when and if you do invite them over.