Sandusky Police
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 9:07pm
1600 block Remington Ave., couple tried to put infant to sleep but drunken downstairs neighbor blared TV, woman pounded on floor, neighbor pounded on ceiling then ran into the hallway cursing and threatened to "kill everyone," police heard at least part of the drunken neighbor's tantrum; Chris Pinkman, 51, same, persistent disorderly conduct intoxicated.



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Wow i would make them leave before you put the kid to sleep. even if they're drunk

tell it how it is

The guy wasn't in their place, he was in his apartment directly downstairs from them..


How do you make your neighbor leave without calling the cops? this person was NOT in the apartment. it was the downstairs neighbor causing excessive noise that could be heard thru the floor.


Buy a house. Problem solved :-)


What a stupid comment. As if everyone in this still hanging on recession has the wherewithal to buy a house.


headphones my good man...headphones.


Solution.....Move the hell out of that infestation of a city...