Sandusky Police
Monday, January 21, 2013 - 4:42pm
700 block W. Monroe St., woman gave bleeding stranger a ride, stranger said man swung knife at her so she grabbed the blade and got cut, stranger refused to give up name, police canvassed area but didn't find any witnesses.



So...this guy "swings" a KNIFE at her, slashes? her hand, then leaves? her to bleed? Hm...and she won't give up the name...I suppose if it was an attempt for random rape, robbery, or murder she wouldn't have a name...but she has one(name), but just won't give it up? This, my good people is how senseless crime (namely murder) begins the downward spiral.


Probably her ex or a Boyfriend.. love hate relationship

Mama of 4

Couldnt the police charge her with obstruction of justice for not giving up information that she OBVIOUSLY knew? Not saying for sure because I wasnt there but if your not giving up your name and you were attacked then you were probably doing something you shouldnt have been doing in the first place which most likely is a crime


I agree with barkerb23....that it is an ex of somesort....or drugs. Why else would you NOT want to give the cops a name?


Maybe it's a domestic violence situation and somebody has convinced her going to the police will result in something worse. That's the only other reason I can think of.

Rod Farva

She probably did it herself




The knife might have gone off while she was cleaning it...That's it, we should ban kitchen knives!

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LMAO, best comment ever


This makes absolutely NO sense. HE/SHE... huh? Someone needs to start using punctuation.