Sandusky Police
Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 9:57pm
Sandusky Library, police stopped car with broken taillight. Driver called officer a “wizard,” said officer only stopped him because he was black and had a disability. James McKinney Jr., 57, 600 block E. Washington St., unlawful plates.



" YOU , SHALL NOT PASS !!! " Officer Gandalf , The Gray ; )))


Are you kidding? The race card is well played out by far...ignorant j.o...let L.E. do their jobs and leave you're racist b.s. in the hood...where it belongs.


Lmao @Bluto


I hate to break it to you, Mr. McKinney (and to an unfortunate number of other people out there), but not everything is about the color of your skin! Sometimes, you're just an idiot or a bad guy. "Idiot" and "bad" knows no race, and sadly doesn't seem to know any bounds, either!


get off the race thing.stop white people 2 .


Did the wizard cast a spell on you?

Rod Farva

They don't stop people because they are black, it's because they are being dumb and breaking the law. See unlawful plates above