Perkins Police
Monday, January 14, 2013 - 6:09am
600 block W. Strub Road, patient threw nurse to ground during tantrum; nurse wanted charges. Police told nurse to contact prosecutor.



Not sure if S.R. just didn't finish the story, but why would L.E. tell the nurse to contact the prosecutor?...and not take the "patient" for a free ride?...if you know what I mean.


LE didn't see the alledged incident, and/or didn't believe it.


Is this the OVH or the nursing home near the high school?


Looking at a map...I'd say closer to the high school yes.


nurse should just take the high road and get a different job.


Nock a cop on his keester and the cop should take the highroad and just take a different job. How about a fireman? A car salesman? A business owner?