Sandusky Police
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 3:12pm
1000 block King St., father grounded daughter after seeing report card, daughter grabbed coat and headed for door, father grabbed daughter before she could get away; girl, no age listed, same address, unruly juvenile, resisting arrest.



He must have called the law first. Otherwise he'd be the one restrained. Trust me.


As a parent I would do the same thing. I agree with arresting the child...she IS unruly, bad grades, resisting, I am sure this is not the only list of things she has done. If more parents were like THIS, there would be LESS children like that!




I agree...BUT as a parent, I look up my son's grades WITH him to see how he is doing with his grades, homework, tests, etc. I don't wait until the grade card is presented to me. It's too late at that point. If I see my kid is struggling in a particular area..I work diligently to help him understand the material. I know my kid is younger than the one in this story..BUT I am pretty sure I will be the same Pain In The Azz to him THEN as I am NOW...Lol


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