Perkins Police
Sunday, January 6, 2013 - 3:43pm
Strub Road at Ohio Veteran's Home, while investigating year-end crash police smelled "overwhelming odor of cologne" with a hint of marijuana; boy, 17, 4900 block Columbus Ave., possession of marijuana.



"Year end" car crashes don't occur at the beginning of the year... I'm just saying. Ohhh, perhaps someone meant "rear end?"


Just going to make the same comment. Does anyone proof read anymore or just use spell check?


They may have been back there investigating a crash that happened at the end of the year which would make it a "year-end crash" but I agree that most times it's a failure to check the spelling.

Floyd P

Never mind the daily grammar errors, this kid could have been wearing any of a line of marijuana colognes on the market, which means just because you smell like pot, it is just cause for a shakedown?!?!


Marijuana colognes? I had to check this to see if it was true.
"Some try to cover up the smell of marijuana while others cant get enough, if the later is you then you are the right place. Inspired by the strong scent of weed this perfume allows you to smell like the famous herb without smoking it! Some people ask us what does marijuana smell like? Well here is our answer."

Why would anyone want to wear this type of cologne? It would only bring trouble to anybody wearing it. You would be subjected to searches for probable cause. Your person, car and your home would be searched and maybe even trashed. Then if nothing is found, you would be charged with disorderly conduct and maybe other charges. The powers that be would throw in additional charges forcing one to hire a very expensive attorney. Besides the cologne, I have found candles and incense with the marijuana scent for sale on the internet. I am curious of what the smell of marijuana is. Some say it smells like a skunk.


Well yeah, Floyd. That's a stupid thing to do. Wear something that smells like pot while you have some on you? Are you kidding me? Not to mention, crashing the car.


Actually, I think they really don't proof-read anymore, anywhere.


Actually, I think they really don't proof-read anymore, anywhere.


You want something to proof read? Go past Rite aide on Perkins Ave and see how they spell Passport, for their passport photos. It's spelled "Pasport" That sign is driving me nuts....ok, so it's a short drive. LOL

Yes, it probably should have been "rear end" but who made the mistake? The police or the reporter who copied this down? LOL