Erie County Sheriff
Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 6:40pm
13600 block Riley Road, Milan, cat fight, woman reached in to break it up, got bit by stray neighbor cat, neighbor told deputies it wasn't her cat although she did feed it, deputies told neighbor to quarantine stray for 10 days.



Just because someone printed it doesn't mean it's the gospel.
Strange articles~strange authors.


I think you've stepped off the planet, Nature Advocate. JMHO. I don't agree with you or BEHAPPY, (you both are on the opposite EXTREME) but I know we have a cat problem. Keep them in the house or don't have one. Have the ones you do want to keep, spayed and neutered, just in case.

Nature Advocate

Educate your sorry self. Everything I posted is fact.


YOUR facts along with some other strange being that believed it and printed it.