Sandusky Police
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 9:00am
200 block Meigs St., woman filed for unemployment benefits under man's name while man worked at quarry, man got notice in mail that he owed Job and Family Services $12,000, man told police it was probably higher than that.



SEE how much we could save if the government would stop spending new/added monies and just address inefficiencies/fraud?


wow, $12,000 . I hope they find her and make her repay it all back + some.

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Just Photoshop her into a nice doing my job and elected picture and everything will be just right for history too! Give me a break.


How does the OJFS not contact the employer to make certain he is unemployed?!


If he was a new hire OJFS wouldn't have a record of his employment with the quarry , or at least until he filed a W2 , or tax return . That could take several months to track back to him if this is a case of identity theft .