Perkins Police
Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 1:30pm
Perkins Avenue and Galloway Road, woman waved police down in mall parking lot and pointed to man staggering toward car, police tried to stop man before he drove off but got stuck in traffic, after some maneuvering officers stopped vehicle; Kerry Taylor, 56, 2000 block Shore Drive, Huron, operating vehicle intoxicated, (0.178 BAC), failure to stay in marked lanes.



Good for her. I am glad to see more people taking responsibility for helping keep drunks off the road. Until someone you love has been killed or seriously injured by a drunk driver, you don't really understand the ramifications of people driving drunk.


Thank you Perkins Police for preventing another innocent victim of this criminal activity. I still miss friends who were killed by these senseless criminals.


He was probably celebrating the end of the world a little early ; ))))

Left Sandtown

Happy Hour = Sad Days!God Bless us all!!!


now thats a good citizen and officer...thanks guys


Thanks, PPD, and the person who pointed the drunk out. A drunk killed one of my family members years ago. Good for all concerned. Thanks to you all.

And to all the rest of you....I guess the world didn't end after all.

Hoss McGee

Wonder why they didn't drive him home like they did Kate?


Seriously!? Get over it! She got what was coming to her.


It's always seemed to me that if you can afford to be out drinking, you can afford a few dollars for a cab to give you a safe ride home. If you can't afford a cab, how are you paying for those shots? And if you can't afford either, well, how can you POSSIBLY afford all that a DUI entails?

People are stupid. That's never going to change. But when "stupid" endangers the lives of others, we've ALL got a stake in the game! Good for the woman who called the police on this guy. It's entirely possible she saved lives by doing so.