Sandusky Police
Saturday, December 8, 2012 - 1:22pm
1300 block Campbell St., son became disrespectful toward father after the two argued about deodorant.



That stinks.....

Eph 2 8-10

He called the police??? Apply the hand of persuasion to the seat of knowledge!


I want to hear the 911 calls on this type of BS. Seriously. If it can show in print, it must be recorded.


Cash-strapped counties and cities need to start charging people for nuisance 911 calls. He's YOUR kid! Deal with him yourself (like you obviously have neglected to do in the past). Unless there's some kind of a physical altercation or the imminent threat of one, calling 911 for a smart-a$$ kid is a waste of resources, and even worse, could prevent someone with a REAL emergency from getting timely assistance. Sheesh, parents, do YOUR job so the police can do theirs...


I think they make this stuff up every morning while laughing, Samantha.


luv, some of it's just crazy enough that it IS kinda hard to believe, isn't it? On the other hand, I've come to recognize in recent years that every time I think I've heard something about the stupidest person EVER, somebody else comes along to lower the bar still further...


This report doesn't say how old (or how big) the son is. If he is over 18, he needs to have his butt kicked to the curb and let him fend for himself. If he is small and young enough for the father to handle, that is a different story.

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Remember if you spank them, they can call the police on you, so the best way is the "progressive way" call the cops and let them do it, more big government walking you cradle to grave. More stupid people created daily, we need to add this to the world clock!


I will spank my child and IF the cops are called I will tell them what I did. THIS is what is wrong with the world. I can be arrested on the word of a child that I spanked them....but 5 kids can be starved to the point of ONE death and others hospitalized. That father just told the JFS people it was a "bad time". Maybe I can tell the cops it is a "bad time" to arrest me for SPANKING MY CHILD after he decides to fight with me over deoderant.


"Deodorant" adds a nice touch.