Sandusky Police
Friday, November 2, 2012 - 5:40pm
5:40 p.m. — Center and West streets, teen threatened suicide after argument over trick-or-treating.



I say let em'... he**, why we're at it, the parents should join em'...seriously people? We have shootings, murder, home invasions, and the such, and now some are waisting LE time because you can't discipline your own children? Time to put down the XBOX controller, and pick up a job application.


This isn't about disciplining your child. It's a mental health issue. The kid may have problems they didn't report here.


Why is a teen trick or treating in the first place?


I agree. My teens along with family and friends were dressed to hand candy out on my porch. My son was with a group of other teens "trick or treating for unicef" thru school. I have given candy to "older" kids (who havent asked) but are walking with little ones. I also am not too fond of the babies in strollers that are drinking from a bottle, with mom/dad holding a candy bucket. If your child is drinking from a bottle, I highly doubt you are going to give them a SNICKERS bar or bag of gummy worms.


I love Halloween! I don't care if you are 1 or 100. I will give you a treat just for the pleasure of seeing you have fun. I would like to know more of why this teen was upset. Maybe his (her) parents thought he was to old to go. Maybe they didn't believe that he was really going trick or treating. Maybe they ate all his candy. I hope that his threat of suicide was just a threat. May this family get the help they need and hopefully they can all enjoy Halloween next year.


While it is sad that this teen threatened suicide, I hope he gets the help he needs. Yes, they should have taken him to the hospital, not called the police for it.

It is really getting ridiculous when you see so many Police calls of late where they have to go for parents calling the police to DISCIPLINE kids. Like the police don't have enough to do without having to stop and take care of kids because parents can't control their own children.

I have talked to a few LE officers who don't like this either. I really think this needs to STOP. The only way to stop it is to start charging for the service. If a parent calls the police to "parent" a kid, they need to pay for it. SERIOUSLY. $25.oo for the call. Repeats is $50. The third time, children's services gets called in. I bet it stops.

Our LE officers have better things to do than to take the time to go parenting the children of Sandusky because a single parent or even two parent families have lost control of their kids. If they are that bad, then something else needs to be done. But calling the police to do your disciplining for you is NOT the answer.

In this case, it is obvious there is a mental health issue and this boy should have been taken to the hospital. I hope he is ok.


yes you should have been taken to the hospital but if you get a person to go willingly you normally have to call the police........