Perkins Police
Saturday, October 27, 2012 - 3:05pm
5600 block Milan Road, food fraud, Elyria woman called fast food restaurant about botched food order, manager asked for receipt, caller couldn’t provide one, manager said it was the second meal fraud attempt in two weeks.


Westend Homeown

And this is call the police worthy how? Secondly why would register staff actually print this as blotter item of day?


They print it because they know that many will find this RIDICULOUS and make many comments. They like to "stir the pot". Everyday they print more and more of these unnecessary police calls. Too many people are unable to deal with situations and issues themselves. Why did the manager even give it a second thought. No receipt, no food, no money, hang up. With the cut backs and lack of funding, there is a shortage of police. There are fewer police to deal with the public and with the recent rash of VIOLENCE in Sandusky these petty issues are making that shortage even worse. When the police are dealing with these ridiculous calls, they are not out watching/preventing/dealing with SERIOUS crimes.