Sandusky Police
Saturday, October 27, 2012 - 12:27am
2200 block Tiffin Ave., man entered strip club because his daughter, 17, was in the back room. Police never saw the teen dance at the bar. The girl allegedly showed bar owner identification indicating she's 25 years old.



Does this mean the police were there watching the dancers? The way it's written sounds like the cops were there watching the


That's the way it sounds to me lol


I'm sure it was a stakeout. Like in Beverly Hills Cop.
The cops were only making sure that no prostitution was going on, that the pasties were properly attached, that no underage ... uh, wait a minute ... never mind.


17 ,whats wrong w/ her that she wants to be a stripper pole dancer, get her help, shes crazy and needs counciling.bad ,bad, idea girl, drug use is the only way women survive that life,respect yourself.