Perkins police
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 6:40am
SUNDAY, OCT. 21 12:20 a.m. — 800 block Woodlawn Ave., man wearing a camouflage suit over entire body; police learned he was actor on break from job at haunted house.



I think this Police Blotter stuff is just filler for the webpage when little else is available. I did have to laugh on this one. A man in a camouflage suit...........and someone called the police to report this???? Really!!! This is not but my choice of dress but for game hunters this is quite the norm. You walk around the Sandusky Mall and you will see young kids in camoflage shortsm shirts etc, It's nothing unusual. We will never know but if a person reported this and Perkins police came out I bet the officer(s) could hardly keep from laughing as they reported this call back into the Perkins dispatcher that they were back in service/available.

Whoever reported this one to police really needs to get out of the house more.


How could they see him if he was wearing camouflage????


I wonder too, was it head to to camouflauge like the military wears? or was it real tree camo? or like a ghillie suit? Still not sure why you would call the police for this!!!! OMG.




Lol a bit much... haha


That's funny. I heard from a reliable source it was the actually police doing undercover work.


Never thought of that if he was in camoflage how could they see him. Hmmm I guess if he had been wearing all black they would have called that a local police SWAT team member was on the loose OR a fan from the Johnny Cash look alike contest.

Well maybe it gave the police a laugh for the evening and release of stress from the normal routine.


Wondering what the caller would do when a 'trick-or-treater' dressed in camo comes knockin at his door...