Erie County Sheriff
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 11:21pm
100 block Strecker Road, Milan, drunken husband stumbled in house, argument ensued, husband threw book at pregnant wife which struck her in right cheek then pushed wife out of the way and stormed back out the door, wife didn’t want charges just that husband got help for his “alcoholism.”


Taxed Enough Already

YA THINK??? Get intervention for him if you have to before you bring that baby home from the hospital. The names should be turned over to children services right now so CPS can keep an eye on the situation.


Didn't know you could call the police for help with your alcoholism? Thought you called AA...found a sponser.....found a counselor. If she didn't want charges filed WHY did she call the police????


She should have pressed charges any way and the judge would have ordered him to go for help. Don't always work, but it makes them think. Hitting someone with anything is against the law.


Wow it amazes me how there are a few things incorrect the wife is not pregnant and he did not shove her he was walking and accidently walked into his pregnant sister. Bravo completely turned everything around.