Sandusky Police
Monday, September 24, 2012 - 7:56pm
400 block Meigs St., girl, previously charged with domestic violence, stared down sister who’d just eaten the last bite of ice cream, mother said it was a precautionary call.



You're kidding, right? Call the cops for this. Why not just make up a rule that before the little darlings get to eat ice cream, they have to put on blindfolds.

he said she said

Lock them in a room and let them beat the hell out of each other. Sibling rivalry at it's best.....


The girl might have mental issues they didn't report on & we don't know how bad the last attack was the brought the domestic violence charges. I grew up with a brother who was bipolar and could turn violent in a heartbeat, so I can definitely understand the mother's caution. It's not always just about a kid being a brat.

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Uhh...interesting call?


This is just friggin hilarious. I am sorry. What a waste of services. It really makes me wonder HOW some of us survived to be the age we are. I made it all thru life without my mother calling the police on me. I went to school or she beat my a**, I was home by curfew or she beat my a**, I stared at her wrong or rolled my eyes, yep you guessed it she cuffed me up side the head. And if I yelled at her or mouthed off, I got slapped across the face and a bar of soap. Never once did she threaten me with calling the cops.