Sandusky Police
Sunday, September 23, 2012 - 10:52pm
1300 block Prospect St., man worked on vehicle when stranger walked up and smashed out his windshield with a landscaping rock, stranger jumped in gray Chrysler and took off, police spotted Chrysler which fled, police caught driver after he ditched a vehicle ran inside a house, officers later heard suspect had thrown brick through other man’s window on Center Street; Shon Alexander, 21, 2600 block Peterson Lane., red light violation, reckless operation, four counts of criminal damaging, obstructing official business, failure to comply with signal of police officer.


Native Sanduskian

Considering all of the CRAP that Sandusky Police have to put up with, I vote that they should be allowed to have open containers themselves while on patrol just to get through their shifts. Barring this, be sure to offer your local cop a beer when he is off duty. He needs it more than you do, and if you don't think so, just think about switching jobs with him for ONE day. Or night.


That has to be one of the most stupid comments I've ever read on this site. Drunk on duty cops? Are you serious?