Sandusky Police
Saturday, September 22, 2012 - 5:54am
Hayes Avenue and Pierce Street, car ran red light so police pulled it over. Driver said it was an emergency, pointed to unconscious heroin user in back seat. Police escorted car to hospital, where driver explained he’d found the user lying outside in a mud puddle. He then dragged the woman into his mother’s car and took off.





If I were the mother, I'd be ticked that he put her in my car.


If my momma knew I didn't help this woman laying in a cold mud puddle, she'd kick my butt. Her car or not.


What is wrong with you, Kelly? You can just stroll on by while someone is lying in a gutter OD'ing in the cold rain?


I'd call 911 and they could wait in the mud until they got there. That's as much help as they'd get from me.


I've found lots of things on the side of the road, but never this.


That was hilarious!


I think there is more to this than what was said,but saying that at least he took her to the hospital.


Is it just me or did this bring flashbacks to the movie Pulp Fiction?


Not me, Randy. The chick in Pulp Fiction was rich as hell and had a paid escort and snorted his heroin thinking it was cocaine and he promptly took her to another place to have her illegally and magically save her life. A woman laying in the cold wet rain OD'ing is way totally different.


Call 911,, if they've been laying in the mud that long a little longer won't hurt. Or drag them out to a drier spot.


Well, If we're going to call 911, the least we could do is throw a blanket over her and wait with her till the ambulance arrives. Would it kill us to be compassionate?