Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. SANDUSKY POLICE MONDAY, AUG. 13 12:58 a.m. - Hayes Avenue and Polk Street, two boys held up pedestrian with bb gun, pedestrian turned out pockets but didn't have any money, boys took off running but police caught up minutes later; boy, 17, 1600 block S. Larchmont St., complicity to aggravated robbery, possession of drug paraphernalia, curfew violation; boy, 16, 600 block Shelby St., aggravated robbery, aggravated menacing, obstructing official business, curfew violation. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.


he said she said


I don't live in the neighborhood but these kids better thank their lucky stars this wasn't me. 

You pull out something that looks like a real gun at me, I pull out something that is a real gun.  Bet mine takes you down faster than yours does......



In this day and age, better be careful who you pull a gun on.  MANY carry a REAL gun  So, they risk being SHOT, get NO money, and end up in jail!? That was SOOO worth it? LOL


Shotgun, Shuck your shells!

I was just going to the Rite Aid!


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