Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. PERKINS POLICE FRIDAY, JUNE 29 10:09 p.m. - 4300 block Milan Road, boys talked and laughed loud during movie, fellow moviegoers told boys to quiet down, boys cussed them out, management kicked boys out, banned one for good. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



and this is because the government decided that parents cannot discipline their children.  the children run amok and don't have home training.



This is the youth today....no one matters but them.  They do as they wish when they wish without fear of consequence.....until there is one.  It isn't all youth, but a majority of them.   Like these two.  I am glad they got theirs.  They deserved it. 

@ seen.....bologna.....the government has done no such thing....parents today just plain do not care is all. They have better things to do than take care of their kids. 


wiredmama-actually the government has to a point.  you can now be arrested and charged for spanking your child.  Ifyou pop them on the mouth or use a bar of soap you can be arrested for abuse.  schools TEACH children that if an adult touches you call the cops.  I decided my kids would be raised the way I wanted not how society said.  I would gladly sit in jail for disciplining my child and teaching them respect than to have them be one of todays wild youth with no regard for anything/anyone.

This is why you see SO many "blotter of the day" about children calling the POLICE on the parents!  And parents allow it for fear of being arrested/charged.  (and some parents call the police for the same reason, they are afraid the child will call them anyway so why not let the POLICE deal with them in the first place) 

I also want to add I know there is a difference between a beating and a spanking.  And children are ABUSED.  I also know that children today need more structure, respect, and discipline.  It is a fine line.


Good for the cinema manager.  Slowly but surely Perkins is developing a problem with unruly juveniles.  Watch the blotters.  PPD does not take these juveniles (unless they are from Sandusky) to the DH.  They "talk" to them.   They "return them to their parents."    They "advise" them against things.  Call them sometime and ask them why and they will tell you that "they don't want them in the system."     They could be charged with disorderly conduct or unruly child.  That would get their attention.  That would get their parents attention.  That would also send a message to their friends.  If you act like a punk or a thug and disregard the rights of others,  you will experience consequences.  


Super Judge

These trouble makers only represent a very small portion of todays youth. Most of the kids I know are honest and careing, many volenteer and are a asset to the community. Thank you managment for doing the right thing.