Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. SANDUSKY POLICE SATURDAY, JUNE 16 5:04 p.m. -- 1200 block Buckingham St., woman turned in a prescription bottle. She said someone threw the bottle under her bedroom door. The bottle contained hair, dust, rock salt and a dead spider.



Now Sandusky has Voodoo Queens?

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Bettah be careful, nah. Mama Zuzu's watchin' ya.


@ ladydye.....no. just ignorant people wasting cops time, and a paper worthless enough to talk about it still.


rickross- I agree, the things people call the police for amazes me.  If this bottle was thrown under her bedroom door, it must be someone she feels comfortable enough to be living with.  How else would someone make it in her home to do such a thing.  Here is an idea, throw the bottle away....and find a new roommate!



I move out, or kick the roomate out

  What get me are the people who call the cops to discipline the kids.  I still think we should charge them for it.  $25 buck a call.  That is ridiculous.  Usually the kid is sitting right there anyway.  It takes up too much of the cops time.  Why not charge the parent for this, its just stupid.


yeah, "my 10 year old won't go to school, so I'm going to call the police"  How about grabbing them by the arm, kicking their hind end all the way out the door, and drag their little butts to school.  That's parenting!!


I'm still trying to figure out how big the gap is under her bedroom door.