Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF SATURDAY, APRIL 28 6:56 p.m. -- Kalahari Resort, pizza delivery man asked to move car from entrance; argument ensued. When delivery man started to move car forward he allegedly grazed the leg of Kalahari employee. Alec M. Hartman, 18, 200 Lane St., assault.



I guess they wanted meat on that pizza !  (sorry, it's late)


Kalahari frowns on outside vendors delivering food to their guests.


Perhaps Kalahari should make make it clear to the guests that they may only buy food from them . Bet that would go over like a lead balloon .



@Bluto - It is nothing like that, it is two parts in one.   First off Todd Nelson's first business was a pizza joint, it is the Pizza still served at Kalahari Resosts, and is what enabled him to build the company, so it is hard to blame him for not wanting Pizza Hut or whatnot advertising right at his front door.   Secondly Pizza delivery drivers are not known to be shall we say, considerate people when it comes to other drivers on the road, and have a tendancy to park directly at the doors of Kalahari thus blocking all the traffic trying to get through. Oh and they tend to drive excessivly fast and cause a safty hazard when they blow the stop sign at the front doors doing 20-30MPH.   I know you people like to rag on kalahari but please, get your information right before you type or speak.



I have nothing against Kalahari , but if guest prefer a different pizza then why should they be limited to Kalahari's ? Secondly , I would think Kalahari would implement a policy where any deliveries be made at a specific location on their premises . It's not just a pizza thing is it ? What if guest wanted something that Kalahari didn't serve ? I do agree that delivery drivers can be discourteous , so a services entrance for such things might be prudent for safety sake .


 They do, all the local drivers know they must park at the far end of the bridge and walk across, they are welcome to come, just not right up to the front door. The problem is, certain drivers (the one in question being one) choose to ignore where they are allowed to park and you end up with a driver hitting one of the valets.


When i used to work there, i was nearly run over on several occasions by Pizza drivers, that being said, the guests are at times jsut as bad about completly ignoring the stop sign.


The lesson is...IF you ask someone to move their car..Assume that he/she MAY move their car..and get the hell out of the way !!