Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. SANDUSKY POLICE SATURDAY, APRIL 21 11:12 a.m. -- 1300 block Lasalle St., landlord repeatedly walks into couple's home without letting them know. The landlord allegedly asked for sexual favors from the woman living in the home when she asked him for $20.


Darwin's choice

He must be from the secret  service...


I wonder what he wanted from the husband? 


So instead of being upset at the landlord just walking in......she asks for 20$?  Who does that? And then she calls the cops, not because he came in unannounced but because he asked for a sexual favor.  OMG where do these people come from? 



re:where do these people come from?

Sandusky Tea Party


Erie County Resident

Wrong Kimo... It's the Cigar Squad from the DNC with Obama's Secret Service crew singing backup.