Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. PERKINS TWP. POLICE THURSDAY, JAN. 12 8:25 a.m. - 500 block W. Perkins Ave., man in red pajama pants walked directly to meat section of grocery store, snatched up four family-sized steak packages, walked to exit, burst into full on sprint, cashier followed man to trailer park where man jumped into maroon Chrysler Concorde and drove off, total meat loss: $80. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



Too much red meat is bad for your health , especially if you are shot while trying to steal it ; )

William Jeffers...

I already told the cops.....I must have been sleep walking and don't remember anything. 



@William Jeffers


Hey..................I tried steak once, but I didn't swallow.

Phil Packer

I love that guy.


instead of a "mean" streak, this guy has a "meat" streak!!!! 


You may beat their prices, but you cant beat their meat.