Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. SANDUSKY POLICE SATURDAY, DEC. 24 3:12 a.m. - 100 block Columbus Ave., vandalism. Man, 40, left his credit card at a bar. The bar charges patrons a certain percentage for a tip when leaving a credit card at the bar upon closing. The man became irate, broke the main door handle off its hinges and threw it. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



So , now he will have a door and a large tip to pay for on his card . BRILLIANT !!! Drink another one Einstein .


OK, I can understand making him pay for the door, but isn't the bar using the credit card illegally? Don't you have to have to have the owners permission before you can charge anything on his card?


Most go to bars to get stupid. so really,.. who's fault is it?!?

True some bars take advantage of irresponsible patrons.

Answer: It's the booze! ...don't drink, and if you do, do it at home!



Dumb guy could have just called the credit card company and disputed charges.  They actually did commit credit card fraud if he didn't authorize the charges.



Why in hell would you want some credit card company to have on file that you drink too much?



I am curious as to why this person's name wasn't in the blotter ? Was he not charged ? The woman who punched her husband had her name and pic on here , so why not this guy ? Doesn't seem quite right to humiliate one over another . Or, does it depend on if it's a slow news day?

Sue Meredith

According to the story in the paper, the bar employees would not give him his card back because he refused to tip them due to poor service. He should go down and file theft charges against them


 if someone leaves a card behind with an open tab, it's pretty standard to charge them an automatic 18 to 20% gratuity.   Also the tip is typically written on the merchant's reciept and entered into the credit card system after the card has already been returned.


Truth or Dare

Read the full story.   It's on pg A5 of Christmas Day's paper, right under cops&courts.  The guy forgot his card, or it wouldn't be returned, which is it?  Was the customer informed when his card was taken that a grat. would be added?    The very next paragraph stated,  "The Bartender however didn't return the card after Parker reportedly failed to leave staff with a tip.......Parker allegedly wanted  to leave the bar without tipping employees because of poor service.......When staff threw Parker outside the establishment he became even more furious and tried to re-enter"......Too get his freakin charge card I'm sure?!  It is his property, right?   

Who run's that sh!thole anyways?  Whoever it is, seems to think it's ok to hold someone's charge card all night long, and then add what they feel is appropriate for gratuity because that's how the CUSTOMER is paying.  It's called "gratuity" for a reason, and just an FYI, not everyone tips, nor is there a law that states they have too! 

Been in the Food Srvc./Bar business for over 35 yrs., my income depends upon the generosity of the guest/customer.  I would rather have you leave 15% in cash then anything more on your card!   Cash tips, always best!    I also  would turn right around and walk right back out if they told me an atuomatic grat. would be added.  Large parties are a tad different, and  that's when it's customary to have an automatic gratuity added, whether you're paying cash or w/plastic!        Wonder how many Bartenders have used someone elses's card to charge other folks drinks on, you know, like their friends, themselves, whomever?   Don't think it doesn't or hasn't ever happened.  My advice, if you're drinking at Daly's, keep sober enough to have  a clue as to what your tab is, unless of course you have no problem w/handing your plastic over,  making it easier for some to steal from ya!   


Guy needs to come to Kimball.           What happen  in  Kimball,   stays  in  Kimball. 

Captain Gutz

Nothing ever happened in Kimball.


I have a question not related to this story. Where did leaving a percentage of the bill as a tip come from. I always wonder why the staff working the breakfast shift gets less of a tip than someone working the dinner shift. I have watched and it doesn't seem fair to me. It looks as though they all have the same amount of work. I always "overtip" at breakfast because of this. Dinner, I leave the recommended amount. 


The bar did no wrong. If you leave the bar/restaurant without paying and leave your credit card there, it is true that the bar can automatically charge 8% for the services they gave. It happened to me once unfortunately :( But I didn't cause any destruction lol