Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter. SANDUSKY POLICE TUESDAY, DEC. 13 11:35 a.m. - 400 block Warren St., woman suffered stroke, daughter got power of attorney then put mother's money into her own savings account, took out loans and credit cards in mother's name, creditors began to call in debts, mother didn't want charges, just a report. For the full daily police blotter from agencies across the area, pick up the Register or check out the e-paper.



This happens more often then you think. This poor woman probably gave this daughter every thing she could afford (and some that she couldn't) and the daughter still thought she was owed more. Ungrateful brat.


This one has nothing humorous about it.  Mom, charge her or she will continue on this path with someone else next time.  She is just beginning to flex those criminal muscles of hers.  Unless you want to pay for a long line of criminal lawyers, press charges. 


I don't even understand why they even have the "Blotter item of the day." Why choose just one item; and what qualifies something for being picked? It seems more like picking on people than anything else to me. Rude.