If you pay much attention to public libraries,  you'll know that one of the most popular online offerings these days is Hoopla, a online digital service for libraries.

11:35 AM Mar 12, 2015

"Best way to get rid of kitchen odors. Eat out." Phyllis Diller

Well, one more week is down and that much closer to my goals.

We had a FIT Challenge meeting this past Saturday at NOMS.

It was great to see everyone (missed you Wendy!) and hear how wonderful they are doing.

10:00 AM Mar 12, 2015

After two years of trying to find a way to utilize the Sandusky Bay Pavilion for Lake Erie research, BGSU Firelands switched its focus to Big Island Water Works.

6:01 AM Mar 12, 2015

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, why not try something other than the old staple of corn beef and cabbage?

This Irish stew is a good hearty meal served alone or over some good whole wheat noodles.

It also is easy to modify.

2:15 PM Mar 11, 2015

Local columnist Chuck Hoefert has a new piece out which worries about Muslims in the U.S. You can read his whole column if you wish, but I wanted to call attention to a couple of paragraphs.

1:50 PM Mar 11, 2015

This was another great week!

I am seeing progress and it makes me want to work harder!

I haven't wore much lately other than scrubs for work and workout clothes. 

11:14 AM Mar 11, 2015

According to a story in our very own Sandusky Register,  the legend of Gore Orphanage is just that — a legend.

6:00 AM Mar 11, 2015

School kids have had a number of free days this year thanks to the weather. They might have been happy at the time to be able to sleep in, play video games and enjoy their leisure. 

Now it's time to pay the piper.

6:00 AM Mar 11, 2015

We're glad to see city officials step in to assist the owners of the downtown Sandusky Feick Building search for funding sources to qualify for a federal grant.

7:30 PM Mar 10, 2015

A change six years in the making took place in New York City last Wednesday as their mayor, Bill de Blasio, kept a campaign promise and announced a resolution approved by the New York City Council in 2009 to add two Muslim holidays to the 2015-16 school calendar.

5:00 PM Mar 10, 2015

Chelsey Rennard has been doing an exceptional job with her commitment to exercising.

However, this past month has not been an easy one.

Chelsey has had a few setbacks, but she still was able to see some positive results with her measurements.

4:30 PM Mar 10, 2015

Charter Review is off to a slow start.

1:00 PM Mar 10, 2015

Hunter Stieber had done his job.

He had already pushed his pain threshold past the limit. It had simply become too much, and everyone understood. 

8:20 PM Mar 9, 2015

The plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against the Whirlpool Corp.,  alleging the appliance manufacturer caused the environmental pollution that created the deadly "Clyde Cancer Cluster" have dropped their lawsuit.

3:39 PM Mar 9, 2015

This past week has been pretty good.

I wasn't feeling well toward the beginning of the week, but I finished strong!

We had our FIT Challenge members get together at my gym, NOMS, on Saturday, which was really cool and everyone did awesome!

2:41 PM Mar 9, 2015

The best nonfiction book I've read in months is Kevin Birmingham's "The Most Dangerous Book," a "biography of a book" that tells the story of James Joyce's influential novel "Ulysses," incl

10:42 AM Mar 9, 2015
Daylight Savings Time begins today, so spring can’t be too far off. At least that’s my hope.
11:21 AM Mar 8, 2015