The year 2014 was a tough on law enforcement officers. Facing accusations of racism, civil rights violations, brutality and dishonesty, the very people who take an oath to protect and serve had to concern themselves with their own safety. 

7:00 AM Jan 4, 2015

“Kindness is difficult to give away, it usually comes back.” - Unknown

· A local nonprofit is looking for a volunteer with basic office skills, knowledge of Microsoft Word preferred.

7:00 AM Jan 4, 2015
"You can't change the past.  What you can do is change now, tomorrow, the next day, the next month and the rest of your life." Billy Cox

7:24 PM Jan 3, 2015

Market drivers in 2015

4:00 PM Jan 2, 2015

Susan Prentice and Melva Sherwood, who have lead the local recovery movement after the loss of their sons to addiction, were our guests on Between the Lines.

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12:30 PM Jan 2, 2015

What an exciting time this is, the last week of the FIT Challenge. 

I feel so blessed to have gone through this process. 

I would like to thank the Sandusky Register and each facility that helps to sponsor the Fit Challenge. 

10:23 AM Jan 2, 2015

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending Dec. 27, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties.

10:01 AM Jan 2, 2015
Ein gutes und gesegnetes neues Jahr!
(A good and blessed New Year!)
3:00 PM Jan 1, 2015
Sam's story
We introduced the HAMP Helper mortgage calculator on our website two weeks ago.
11:00 AM Jan 1, 2015

Sandusky city officials negotiated small raises for union employees, and recently granted similar raises to non-union city workers. Erie County and other local governments also have found a way to provide small raises to government employees.

4:44 PM Dec 31, 2014

New Year’s Eve  practically requires you to live it up.  It is the night for sparkling clothes, sparkling jewelry, sparkling conversation and sparkling beverages. 

6:33 AM Dec 31, 2014

Normally, this is the time of year when we pause a moment or two and reflect about the top stories that were written during 2014.


5:00 PM Dec 30, 2014

FIT Challenger Sherry Waugh has lost a pound and a half since her last article, but she is actually up a half a pound since our measurements two weeks ago. 

This is the first backslide she has had throughout the FIT Challenge. 

4:59 PM Dec 30, 2014

The aliens from the three-star system are on their way to attack Earth. It's not looking good.

First contact  novels — encounters between Earth people and extraterrestrials — are a staple in science fiction. 

1:22 PM Dec 30, 2014

Nothing could be finer than to build your lake liner in Sandusky.

It's as difficult to find a rhyme with “Sandusky” as it is for the word “orange,” but the decision by WindRider International to locate here is better than any rhythmic verse: It's the perfect fit.

11:15 AM Dec 30, 2014

For nearly two years, this editorial board has supported efforts in the private and public sectors to bring the full circle of care for drug addiction treatment to the region. Treatment, not incarceration, is the call from the community and we've echoed that view.

4:37 PM Dec 29, 2014

The city needs to come out from behind closed doors so more business can be discussed at the commission table instead of in executive sessions and through e-mail.

4:35 PM Dec 29, 2014