10:56 AM Jan 31, 2012

Wow…. I can’t believe that I’m finishing up the first month of the FIT Challenge.  16.6 pounds.  That number is hard to fathom.  While I don’t know if I will be able to lose weight at that rate throughout the challenge, I’m truly excited about my start.

6:19 PM Jan 30, 2012

Newly-uncovered documents show that the Nobel Prize for Literature committee discussed considering J.R.R. Tolkien for the prize in 1961 but dismissed him as not good enough.

10:32 AM Jan 30, 2012

(UPDATED) Come back around noon on Saturday as I and the rest of our 'Freezedom of the Press' plunge team will be getting ready for the big event and giving live updates in our "Cover It Live" player.

5:51 PM Jan 26, 2012

While we wait for the new 3-D versions of "Star Wars" there's a hilarious new free version anyone can watch on the Internet.

During 2009, thousands of Star Wars fans made 15-second segments that turned the original Star Wars movie into snippets of fan films.

4:47 PM Jan 26, 2012

This week on Five Points, Emil and Andy talk about the baby who was allegedly left alone by her panhandling parents, skyrocketing gas prices and their favorite fast food breakfast.

6:09 PM Jan 25, 2012

Our guests for this week's Between the Lines were Funcoast.com's Ashley Bethard and Erie County treasurer candidate Jeff Krabill.

Watch the program in the player below

3:35 PM Jan 24, 2012

After three weeks of participating in the FIT Challenge, I have to say the routine is becoming easier to get through.  Make sure you note I didn’t say it was easy!

3:33 PM Jan 24, 2012

Last week went great!  I finally have a routine down.  The workouts are getting tougher, though.

3:31 PM Jan 24, 2012

This past week was a week in which I feel as though I started to break through some self-imposed barriers.  As I began the week, one of the goals that my personal trainer Patrick Carmean set for me was to complete my time on the treadmill without using the handrails for support. 

10:41 AM Jan 23, 2012

When I went to school it was called Home Economics or “HomeEck.” Now, thinking back, I’m not sure that title really fit the class. The class had everything to do with what high-schoolers needed to learn in the home, but I never really learned the economics of it.

6:14 PM Jan 19, 2012

This week on Five Points, Emil and Andy talk about the wintry weather, reality shows and how to get rich.


2:24 PM Jan 19, 2012

(Updated with Sherrod Brown statement).

6:05 PM Jan 18, 2012

We had several guests for this week's program including Funcoast's Ashley Bethard, Sandusky Register reporters Annie Zelm and Tom Jackson and finished with Sandusky's ex officio mayor John Hamilton.

1:40 PM Jan 18, 2012

Rock music is dead, so why not try something else?

Contemporary classical music is still kind of an underground movement, but there's plenty of interesting music to excite the ear.

3:17 PM Jan 17, 2012

Last week went well; it was my first week incorporating all my daily tasks into one day.  I had to be on campus by 8 a.m., workout at 10:30 p.m. and be at work at 2:30 p.m.

3:16 PM Jan 17, 2012

This week I began to push myself harder than I had in the previous two weeks.  I’ve been working up to an hour on the treadmill, and I’ve finally been able to reach that on a consistent basis.  Along with that, I’ve begun increasing the speed at which I’ve been “walking”...yep, I’m still using th

3:12 PM Jan 17, 2012

This past week has been very busy!  I’ll start with my visit to Dr. Williamson’s office to check out why I sometimes get dizzy while exercising.