10:27 AM Apr 3, 2012

On the surface, this past week should have been a wonderful week.  It was the last week of school before Spring Break; my son’s baseball season in full swing; and I’d reached a milestone on my journey.  In reality, it couldn’t have been further from the truth.  I can honestly say that UPS has it

10:24 AM Apr 3, 2012

First I would like to make it clear, that I know I am in a challenge, but as time goes by I am not really concerned about who takes first place.  I am just glad that I got this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

5:52 PM Apr 2, 2012

200 years ago, Ohio residents took on the British, the Canadians and various tribes of Native Americans. Here's a guide to finding out more.

6:00 PM Mar 29, 2012

On this episode of Five Points with Emil and Andy, the reporters talk about medical marijuana, Trayvon Martin, and they answer some tough questions from our Facebook friends.


5:11 PM Mar 28, 2012

This week on Between the Lines, Matt Westerhold talks to State Rep. Dennis Murray, D-Sandusky, about the end of his stint in public office — at least for now — and challenges facing the area.


9:32 AM Mar 28, 2012

It was March 1. The Ohio primary was closing in.

I knew there’d be prominent Republicans nearby.

Weeks earlier, Register reporter Tom Jackson told me Rick Santorum was speaking at Bowling Green State University on March 3. 

1:01 PM Mar 27, 2012

This week on Five Points, Emil and Andy discuss the cost of marriage, March Madness, and their favorite breakfast cereals.

Have questions for Emil and Andy? Comment below or email andyouriel@sanduskyregister.com.



12:30 PM Mar 27, 2012

This week, I experienced what might be considered my first physical “setback” of the competition.  I made it to the gym again six days this week, working with Patrick on two of those days.  On Thursday, we worked on a couple of the cable machines that I had not used as of this time.

12:26 PM Mar 27, 2012

I had to go clothes shopping this past weekend! I was at the Disability Fair at the Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities and commented to a friend that I just realized my pants were really baggy. 

12:21 PM Mar 27, 2012

This past week was rough; I came done with the flu.  I only worked out at the gym two days for the whole week.  My diet was very horrible; only thing I ate was soup, and I drank a lot of water.  I was so weak and all I could do was sleep. 

5:35 PM Mar 23, 2012

I propose a new name for the politics industry, the industry that keeps thousands of Americans employed as full time politicians, political aides and paid political party officials. How about calling it the Phony Outrage Industry?

11:01 AM Mar 22, 2012

This week on Between the Lines, managing editor Matt Westerhold interviews NASA's Gen. David Stinger about what's new at the Plum Brook Station. We also have a video chat with Register photographer Luke Wark who is stationed in Afghanistan.

2:23 PM Mar 20, 2012

When I asked Midnight Moon Metaphysical Shoppe owner Donna Bretz if it was true she is shutting down, she put it to me gently.

Midnight Moon "is not going to be in a physical location," Bretz said Tuesday.

11:23 AM Mar 20, 2012

This past week was a busy week.  With the end of the grading period at school, I was up to my ears in group projects and presentations.

11:17 AM Mar 20, 2012

Well first I would like to say I know some of my supporters might be upset with me gaining the 3 pounds two weeks ago, but no one is perfect.  This past week was great, but I had to fight a temptation, which was very challenging.