12:08 PM Apr 5, 2011

A week ago I asked you, our readers, to think of what you could do to help “heal” Sandusky after the shooting and killing of Officer Andrew Dunn and the subsequent funeral.

3:07 PM Apr 4, 2011

The current darling of the Tea Party crowd, U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has been booked as a Lincoln Day dinner speaker for U.S. Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green.

5:03 PM Apr 1, 2011

As I wrote recently, U.S. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, is riding high in the polls as he heads into a re-election campaign next year.

5:11 PM Mar 31, 2011

Thomas Suddes, one of the Cleveland Plain Dealer's better columnists, had a scathing piece in last Sunday's PD which roasted Republican lawmakers in Columbus for their Voter ID card bill and attac

12:27 PM Mar 29, 2011


This week wasn't the best week of the year by far! Dealing with the funeral of Officer Dunn and suffering a calf strain playing racquetball, I really didn't concentrate on my usual routine of working out and eating healthy.  

12:22 PM Mar 29, 2011

This past week went OK, but it was also a little frustrating. I had a little bit of a break in the beginning of the week. Toward the end of the week, I had three good workouts.

3:01 PM Mar 28, 2011

 If you don't have enough things to worry about, I may be able to help you out.

Kiplinger.com, a personal finance Web site, sent me a news release today of the "Top Ten States Most at Risk of Disaster."

1:54 PM Mar 28, 2011

On March 19, the day Officer Andrew Dunn was killed, I told myself that his death could have one of two effects on the town that I have made a home and a town I love to work in every day. Sandusky would either come closer together or grow further apart.

8:42 AM Mar 24, 2011

Some good questions from the interactive audience and reporter Sarah Weber updates viewers on the arrangements for slain Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn.

2:28 PM Mar 23, 2011

Former city commissioner Danny Edmon was our guest on this week's Between the Lines program.


12:08 PM Mar 23, 2011

I have had a few breakthroughs this past week and I am very proud of myself.

Last week, I told you how I was not putting forth all of my effort and I said I needed to get back on track. Well I did just that! I went to the gym when I was supposed to and worked hard.

2:29 PM Mar 22, 2011

Well, this week I lost a bunch of weight, but it was not for a good reason. I only ate one meal from Saturday morning to Monday night.  I wasn't hungry because I lost a good friend and a fellow law enforcement officer, Andy Dunn.

2:24 PM Mar 22, 2011

This past week was OK. Monday the 14th, my personal trainer Trevor Tieche had a workout planned for me at the one of the parks in downtown Sandusky but due to a yoga conference, we were not able to work out.

5:58 PM Mar 16, 2011

Drew Carey is being touted as a possible Republican senator. He just has to get over his dislike of Republicans, and deal with the fact that Republican voters don't like him.

2:11 PM Mar 16, 2011

Erie County Economic Development Corporation director Peter Zaehringer was our guest for this week's program.

Click on the player below to watch the program

11:22 AM Mar 15, 2011

Hi again,

I'm kinda at a standstill with my weight. I weighed out March 14 at 266 pounds.  I really worked hard playing racquetball and basketball along with my Monday and Friday workouts but didn't seem to lose much weight.

10:31 AM Mar 15, 2011

Another week down and not much to tell. I only made it to the gym three times this week.

I am not weighing in until the end of the month so I have no new stats to report. Truth is I am a little disappointed in myself due to my lack of effort.