5:18 PM Jul 18, 2012

Today the Ohio's Yesterdays blog writes about Capt. Benjamin Napier, who battled with the Kelleys for ownership of Cunningham Island (now known as Kelleys Island.)

7:31 AM Jul 18, 2012

Kings Island had a roller coaster named Screamin' Demon when I was a kid.

Anytime I’m at Cedar Point with co-worker Andy Ouriel, of “Five Points with Emil & Andy,” it makes me think of that ride, just because of the name.

4:09 PM Jul 17, 2012

Warning: The attached audio includes profanity that some might find offensive. 

Former Erie County auditor Tom Paul was downright nasty when he called the Register this past weekend to complain about a story in the Saturday Register about property evaluations. Judge it for yourself. Listen to the message he left for reporter Andy Ouriel. 

12:29 PM Jul 14, 2012

It’s been a busy week racing around at Cedar Point.

11:40 AM Jul 13, 2012

This week on the Journey to a Smaller Me blog, Trina Crosland talks about wanting to get healthy so she can participate in life again.


6:19 PM Jul 12, 2012

Check out this week's edition of Five Points with Emil and Andy right here:

11:12 AM Jul 12, 2012

This is a weekly column by Sandusky attorney Dan McGookey, devoted to telling true stories of homeowners who have been victimized by a lending system that makes it profitable to foreclose.


5:13 PM Jul 11, 2012

Below is an excerpt from a story in Tuesday's Register, and below that is an email the Register received from the resident directly impacted by the city's inability to followup and remove dead trees from city boulevards in a timely manner. 

11:24 AM Jul 10, 2012

John Paul Morrow sent a letter to the editor on Monday in response to Sunday's "Between the Lines" column, "Grubbe's special club." Morrow, who has been closely affiliated with the Erie County Tea Party, makes some interesting points on a number of topics, including my perspective on the Fox News

2:29 PM Jul 8, 2012

Just two days after President Barack Obama’s stop on Ohio’s North Coast, Sandusky will be visited by another person of celebrity status. Granted, she’s nowhere near as important a figure in shaping our world, but she probably carries a tune better than the president does. (No offense, Sir.)

7:35 AM Jul 8, 2012

Sara Smith about sent a message using the contact form at sanduskyregister.com/contact/contact_us.

Something truly magical happened yesterday, we got to be a part of history. I have been reading the comments posted on each article and they upset me.

10:23 AM Jul 7, 2012

Excerpt from Westerhold's Between the Lines column in the Sunday Register, July 8, 2012:

Power has a way of demanding recognition. 

12:05 PM Jul 6, 2012

This week on the Herbal Collections blog, Master Herbalist Mary Colvin writes about the burdock plant.

5:29 AM Jul 6, 2012

Hot dog! Cedar Point opens Saturday.

So much to do, see, hear, eat and, of course, ride: Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, WildCa...oh.

5:27 AM Jul 6, 2012


Overheard at the Park

5:22 AM Jul 6, 2012

If you really need another reason to push you over the top in buying a Season Pass or Platinum Pass, this might be it.

5:17 AM Jul 6, 2012

For about three minutes Friday, I desperately wished I could speak Japanese.

From the moment I climbed into a Millennium Force train next to a young Japanese man and in front of two others, I mostly missed out on what sounded like a hellaciously fun time.