The art of glassmaking can be traced from ancient Egypt all the way to the Toledo Museum of Art, where three women who share a love for the medium met in an art class.
5:48 PM Mar 31, 2014

Janet Yellen, in her first meeting as Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve last week, indicated that the Fed would continue to reduce stimulus and could be on track to start raising interest rates in the near future. In response, gold prices have collapsed, losing over $100 per ounce.

12:15 PM Mar 31, 2014
Reporter turns fashion model for annual event.

Intelligent   women. Beautiful style. Elegant atmosphere.
10:32 AM Mar 31, 2014

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard's chief deputy plays the Ohio Revised Code -- the compilation of state laws they're sworn to uphold -- fast and loose.

It's been that way since Howard was elected in 2012.

7:26 AM Mar 31, 2014
I’ve written before about how easy it is to take people for granted only to have them whisked away before you have a chance to say goodbye.
12:11 PM Mar 30, 2014

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending March 22, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties.

12:30 PM Mar 28, 2014

Administrators at Sandusky Schools presented their “Transformation Plan,” a complete overhaul of the district’s day-to-day operations.

7:09 PM Mar 27, 2014
How do you compete against the world's largest retailer? Follow Sam Walton's own advice, he tells you just what to do!
3:00 PM Mar 27, 2014
Does anyone remember that song, “Basketball Jones” written and recorded by Richard Marin and Thomas Chong, better known as Cheech and Chong?
6:35 PM Mar 26, 2014
Q: I live near Florence Township. I want to volunteer for Meals on Wheels, but I don’t want to drive to Sandusky. Do you have anything else I can do here?

11:29 AM Mar 26, 2014
Most of us take time to think about important matters that have permanent consequences. There seems to be one common exception to this truth. That exception applies to the topic of life or death issues.
11:25 AM Mar 26, 2014

Last Friday, my wife and I went to see a German movie, "Adieu Paris," at the ongoing Cleveland Film Festival, which continues through Sunday.

3:47 PM Mar 25, 2014

While working at a newspaper, reporters often receive calls requesting coverage of some of the best and the worst scenarios. I’m glad to know we’re not the only profession beckoned, often begrudgingly, to non-stories.

8:38 PM Mar 24, 2014

The stories I read in police reports are oftentimes sad, occasionally hilarious and frequently bizarre.

3:43 PM Mar 24, 2014

It won't be long before birds everywhere will be raising their young.

3:08 PM Mar 24, 2014