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Sandusky Police


7:00 AM Jun 24, 2013

When the city of Sandusky sent out cease-and-desist letters in 2011 ordering Cedar Point Chaussee property owners to stop renting their homes, many in the community believed it would be in the best interest of the city to amend its outdated zoning laws to allow such rentals that bring in tourist

5:30 AM Jun 24, 2013

Here's one thing we know for certain: The public must fight government secrecy in every instance, and it must fight with unending vigilance any and every effort by any government to implement legislation to make it lawful to do the public's business in private.

8:30 AM Jun 23, 2013

Many residents voiced their concerns as we walked throughout the mobile home park on Friday afternoon.

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5:54 PM Jun 21, 2013

Here is this week’s edition of Futures File, our weekly commodities wrap-up:
Fed’s words melt metals

4:36 PM Jun 21, 2013

I cover the library and I've written several stories quoting Samantha Chada, the Sandusky Library's top geek girl.

4:12 PM Jun 21, 2013

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending June 14, in Ottawa, Erie and Sandusky counties. For a full listing of real estate transactions, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.

12:00 PM Jun 21, 2013

This week on the Sandusky History blog, a look at start of telephones in Sandusky.

In 1922, there were two telephone companies and two exchanges, but by 1923, one had taken over.

11:00 AM Jun 21, 2013

Get the police blotter every day in the Register. 


Sandusky Police



6:29 AM Jun 21, 2013

Summertime means many things to people, especially when it comes to recreation.

3:00 PM Jun 20, 2013

The story of Jim and Jessie

11:00 AM Jun 20, 2013

There is plenty of negative news to report in our newspaper on a daily basis. However, there are also many positive things going on in the community that not only deserve the reporting we provide, but deserve our praise as well.

9:30 AM Jun 20, 2013


Get the police blotter every day in the Register.


Castalia Police


June 11, 2013

8:26 a.m.—200 block Main St., man at church questioned church leaders, said they were messengers of Satan. Woman did not want man at meeting on Wednesday.


7:00 AM Jun 20, 2013

Q: I can't stop trying to seek help from untrained, unlicensed people. - Joe 

3:00 PM Jun 19, 2013

There are two events Thursday for folks who are interested in Lake Erie. As it's a bit late to publicize them in the paper, I am sharing the news with you here.

1:29 PM Jun 19, 2013

As you scroll through your Facebook news feed this week, you might notice something different at the end of your friend’s status — hashtags.

11:00 AM Jun 19, 2013

Get the police blotter every day in the Register. 


Ottawa County Sheriff

June 2, 2013
2:57 a.m. – 14000 block W. Third Road, Rocky Ridge, 16-year-old boy, domestic violence; boy hit mother, told police “I whapped her pretty good.”

7:00 AM Jun 19, 2013