10:20 AM Aug 9, 2014

Six years after Marc Dann was forced out as Ohio attorney general for his involvement in a sexual harassment scandal, Mike DeWine still doesn't get it.

10:17 AM Aug 9, 2014
Crossing the border into Canada, either by boat, car or plane, has become a lot more difficult since 9/11. However, a bill proposed by State Rep. Rex Damschroder could very well make it easier and more affordable to visit our neighbors to the north.
7:11 AM Aug 9, 2014
This past week I got to meet my new FIT Challenge contestant, Ebony Marks. 
I can tell right off the bat she is going to be fun to work with. She has been on time and ready to go both days we have worked out this past week. 
3:16 PM Aug 8, 2014

Tapping your mouse or keyboard could help others tap into valuable resources.

1:07 PM Aug 8, 2014

I have had a good past week and weekend.  

I was able to squeeze in a couple of evening rides during the week to go along with my regular workouts.

12:00 PM Aug 8, 2014

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending Aug. 2, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties.

Ottawa Co., Portage Twp., 3990 E. Harbor Road, Ricksim Real Estate LLC to Agree Limited Partnership, $1,209,921.

5:36 PM Aug 7, 2014

I do favor student drug testing in all schools.

We are losing our younger generation at warp speed.

3:53 PM Aug 7, 2014

From the beautiful baby contest to the demolition derby, the Erie County fair board has been working for more than a year planning this year's Erie County Fair.

The fair opened Tuesday and runs through Aug. 10.

3:34 PM Aug 7, 2014
Do I need to follow FSA conservation compliance rules if I have a loan with another bank, but FSA guaranteed my loan?
12:34 PM Aug 7, 2014

This has been a great past week. 

I met my personal trainer, Tony Johnson, at Keegan Sports Training Academy and worked out for the first time with him on Tuesday night. 

He had me doing a lot of stretching, body weight resistance and exercises that require balance. 

10:49 AM Aug 7, 2014
•A few interested and active board members are needed to get involved with an agency that provides services for adults with disabilities.
9:59 AM Aug 7, 2014
I’ve read with interest the accounts of people who’ve been slipped the date-rape drug while visiting the island of Put-in-Bay.
12:25 PM Aug 6, 2014

Well, well, well ... it's about to get real folks.

Body still sore from my workout, started a new job and diet about to change dramatically.

But I'm ready. A little stressed but ready.