More than 800 000 people die by suicide every year – around one person every 40 seconds, according to the first global report on suicide prevention, published Sept. 4 by the World Health Organization.  

3:15 PM Sep 18, 2014

Broadening your mind to broaden your customer base

3:00 PM Sep 18, 2014
Occasionally, we meet with clients for the first time who have been struggling to gain mortgage fairness from their loan servicer or bank for many years. Such was the case with Virginia, who recently came in to tell us about her horror story. 
11:00 AM Sep 18, 2014

It is discrimination and prejudice 

I have been thinking about the term stigma and what it means for the mental health, substance abuse and behavioral health communities.

9:00 AM Sep 18, 2014

Another fantastic week has flown by.  

I had a few really hard workouts and some really great ones.  

I jogged a mile, slowly but I did it.  

I got out on the bike a couple of times as well.  

7:45 AM Sep 18, 2014
As the United States prepares to put the advances the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have made in northern and western Iraq in reverse, an all-star cast of jihadist from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria and Europe are planning to move forward.
8:21 PM Sep 17, 2014
Each year at the Edison Invitational boys golf tournament an individual is recognized for his or her contribution to the sport.
6:24 PM Sep 17, 2014

Those of us living in Erie County have much to be proud of and appreciate. We behold our beautiful lakeshore, realize the economic benefits of our amusement park and resorts and, most considerably, we have the privilege of enjoying the many wonderful aspects of Erie County MetroParks.

2:50 PM Sep 17, 2014
I like tulips and daffodils as much as the next person.
1:49 PM Sep 17, 2014
What's a poor president to do? If he has a chance to launch a new war in Asia, well, he's got to do it, doesn't he?
1:49 PM Sep 17, 2014

This past week hasn't been very productive.

My son was sick with strep throat and the flu.

This week definitely has to make up for this one.

But I am a mommy first.

1:19 PM Sep 17, 2014

Rain gardens, pollinators, living shoreline… twenty-five Erie County Master Gardeners sampled them all last Monday night touring three public gardens in Sandusky.

11:30 AM Sep 17, 2014

The good news: The cost of computer software programming and maintenance for the Sandusky County court system dropped about 75 percent in the most recent three-month period ending in July, down from record high monthly invoices earlier this year. 

7:30 AM Sep 17, 2014 releases 2014 Great American Beer Bars results and a familiar name is on the list.

8:54 PM Sep 16, 2014

FIT Challenger Ross Taylor has been doing a good job creating healthy habits.

6:35 PM Sep 16, 2014

2014 marks the 26th annual National Estuaries Day, a celebration of estuaries like our own gem, Old Woman Creek Reserve. 

3:47 PM Sep 16, 2014
Should there be more details of how the city’s new revenue will be spent?
The public has a general idea of the categories the new revenue will be spent on, but the public doesn’t really know how the city is going to detail the plan. 
2:55 PM Sep 16, 2014