11:16 AM Aug 9, 2011

This past week sucked. Having to work a lot, long shifts and trying to work out twice a day is hard and my eating schedule is all messed up.

I still found a way to work out, though. Margaretta's weight room has been opened for me by a family friend and a old teacher of mine.

5:47 PM Aug 5, 2011

The new issue of "The Week" magazine has an article on Kody Brown, a polygamist in Utah who has four wives and 16 children and stepchildren. (Apparently, he's a reality TV star trying to dodge prosecution.)

2:45 PM Aug 3, 2011

The "Voice of Vacationland" George Mayer was our guest on this week's program of Between the Lines. We also talked with Morgan Addington-Hodge from Funcoast.com and Jasmine Pace from sanduskyregister.com.

11:49 AM Aug 3, 2011

The race for the Republican nomination for the party's 2012 presidential candidate is under way. I'm not a Republican, but I have a favorite candidate, anyway: Newt Gingrich.

1:07 PM Aug 2, 2011

We don't have the biggest campus, we aren't in a major metropolitan area, we aren't in a major football conference, and we do don't have a "THE" in front of our university's name. But we are the Bobcats and we are No. 1.

10:51 AM Aug 2, 2011

I had fun this past week enjoying time with my family. 

At the beginning of the year I spoke about not going to Cedar Point because of my size. I knew that I was too big to fit on most of the rides there.

10:41 AM Aug 2, 2011

Nothing too exciting this past week. Worked out my normal three days and did things on my own when I was not in the gym.

The past couple of weeks I have been struggling with losing weight, but this past time we did a weight-in, I had lost some pounds.

10:37 AM Aug 2, 2011

This past weekend was a direct result of this contest or way of life.

My wife and I took our little one for a 16-mile bicycle ride on the path from Clyde to Fremont.

The only part of me that was sore afterward was my butt.  Big butt on little seat is not a good combo.

9:54 AM Jul 28, 2011

The longer you work in a particular job, the more relationships you make. Especially as a photojournalist in a town and area we have at the Sandusky Register.

5:20 PM Jul 27, 2011

Want to know more about Erie MetroParks and the Huron River Greenway?

Steve Dice and Kurt Landefeld of the Erie Metroparks were our guests for this week's Between the Lines.

5:19 PM Jul 27, 2011

Just in case you missed the live broadcast of Between the Lines this week, we have it here at sanduskyregister.com. Our guests this week were Funcoast editor Ashley Bethard, new cops and courts reporter Emil Whitis, and Sandusky city commissioner Dave Waddington.

5:18 PM Jul 27, 2011

During this week's Between the Lines we had Ashley Bethard of Funcoast, Sandusky Register reporter Alissa Widman and Dean Schnurr of BGSU Firelands College.

Click on the player below to watch the program

5:17 PM Jul 27, 2011

Former Sandusky police Chief and city commissioner Kim Nuesse was our guest on Between the Lines this week. We also talked with Funcoast's Ashley Bethard and Sandusky Register reporter Andy Ouriel.

Click on the player below to watch the program

2:53 PM Jul 27, 2011

Well another week has passed us. Nothing new to report this week. I am back on track and excited about the motivation I have right now.

I am back to following a six-day workout schedule. If I want to make up for lost time I gotta put in the extra effort and time.

11:06 AM Jul 26, 2011

Hi people, I am happy to announce that I have my first workout partner. You might have read about this guy. His name is Ron and he walked over 1,000 laps at Osborne Park this year.

11:01 AM Jul 26, 2011

This past week went OK. I ran 4 miles on July 18; by far the longest I have ever ran in my entire life.

2:29 PM Jul 20, 2011

I have library cards for several northern Ohio public libraries, I belong to a local book discussion group, I help judge a prize for science fiction novels and I write a blog devoted to an American writer with a cult following. I'm a pretty serious reader.