This Friday at the seventh Summit of the Americas, being held in Panama City, Panama, chances are that a dictator, born on a small island, will shake hands with a president, also born on a small island.

5:00 PM Apr 7, 2015

March has been a great month for us to get FIT Challenger Chelsey Rennard back on track with her weight loss.

She has lost an additional 8 pounds, and I am very proud of Chelsey’s continued dedication to her fitness routine.

3:14 PM Apr 7, 2015
What is going on with the five shadow commissioners?           
12:30 PM Apr 7, 2015

Give Blood. Save a life.

I recently had the good fortune to work with the American Red Cross at a blood drive at St. Peter Catholic Church in Huron.

2:21 PM Apr 6, 2015

My week was very good up until Saturday, but with Easter this weekend it ended rocky, but I plan on bouncing back quickly. 

I ran around 15 miles this past week and worked out five days; one day I even did 18 burpees and you all know how much I despise those!! 

11:41 AM Apr 6, 2015

Nominations have been announced for the Hugo Awards, the oldest and most prestigious awards in science fiction, and they've touched off a big war of words between left wing and right leaning science fiction fans.

10:50 AM Apr 6, 2015

By: Marie Hildebrandt
Erie County Master Gardener

8:00 AM Apr 5, 2015

Each spring, millions of spawning walleyes assemble on the rocky reefs, dredge piles, clay ridges and sand and gravel flats from the Maumee Bay to Little Cedar Point — and from Crane Creek to Locust Point.

7:01 PM Apr 4, 2015

Recently there have been several stories of the questionable formalities of local police when it comes to certain force members being above following the same laws all other citizens must follow.

5:45 PM Apr 3, 2015

Oil spills lower after Iranian deal

4:00 PM Apr 3, 2015

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending March 29, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties:

Huron Co., Norwalk Corp., 368 Milan Ave., Fisher-Titus Medical Center to Westwood Holdings LTD, $684,000.

12:00 PM Apr 3, 2015

Hello all!

Yet another week has come and gone, and if the weather would cooperate, I would be spending more time exercising outside.

11:11 AM Apr 3, 2015

Previously, I discussed the most dangerous words in the world and the impact negativity has on mood and self.

3:07 PM Apr 2, 2015

Still true 11+ years later?

3:00 PM Apr 2, 2015

The Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards — a Cleveland-based literary prize that "for literature that confronts racism and examines diversity," have been announced. Here are the winners, with links if you want to learn more.

1:01 PM Apr 2, 2015

"I just felt like running." Forrest Gump

What a great past week!

I started my running program and I must say, it’s exhausting.

By the time you read this I will have ran 19.5 miles.

12:22 PM Apr 2, 2015
Sarah's story
12:00 PM Apr 2, 2015