Photographer Connie Oney will be signing copies of her new book “Sustaining Our Lifestyle,” from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday at Gabby Road Studio, 28 E. Main St. in Norwalk as part of the Imagine Norwalk event. 

10:43 AM Jun 16, 2015
Sandusky successfully reached two benchmarks recently in its economic re-development efforts.

The former Apex washing machine factory site on First Street was certified — environmentally safe — and ready for re-development.

7:30 AM Jun 16, 2015

Dear Mr. DeWine,

12:10 PM Jun 15, 2015

Will Norwalk's Eagle Creek step up to the challenge once again in the North Coast Ladies Invitational tournament June 25, or will Sawmill Creek add to its leading list of titles?

12:32 AM Jun 15, 2015

Marie Hildebrandt

Erie County Master Gardener

Growing tomatoes has become a time honored tradition for many people.  It is said the tomato plant is widely the most popular “vegetable” grown by home gardeners.

8:00 AM Jun 14, 2015


Jay Cooke, claimed to be the first white child born in Sandusky in 1821, turned out to be one of America’s most important citizens.

7:35 PM Jun 13, 2015

The public had a right to know on May 22 — the day he was placed on leave — that ​Fremont police Chief Tim Wiersma was being investigated.​

The public also had a right to know why Wiersma wa​s​ suspended, and who would be in charge at the police department in the meantime.

7:30 AM Jun 13, 2015
Griffing Flying Service is enjoying renewed success at the Ottawa-Erie County Regional Airport since it's move there in 2013.
7:30 AM Jun 13, 2015

There’s a common farmer’s adage, “rain makes grain,” but many Midwestern farmers this year are being unfortunately reminded that there can be too much of a good thing.

4:00 PM Jun 12, 2015

Marcia Sberna has lived in her home on her family's farm in rural Bellevue for more than 50 years.

Her daughter, Holly Sperow lives just up the road.

2:36 PM Jun 12, 2015

Port Clinton writer and journalist M. Kristina Smith likes to spend her vacations visiting historic places. 

1:27 PM Jun 12, 2015

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending June 7, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties:

12:00 PM Jun 12, 2015

My results are a little a disappointing, but I'm not discouraged.

I've gone through plateaus before. Whether this really is a plateau or a lack of exercise (although, I've been working my butt off) or a diet thing, I have a new goal and I plan on getting to it.

11:07 AM Jun 12, 2015

BGSU Firelands dean Bill Balzer will

5:00 PM Jun 11, 2015

Each year, more farmers are becoming staunch proponents of what they now view as the hardest-working plants they could ever grow – cover crops!  Many have proven from personal experiences that the planting of a cover crop has become one of the best ways to improve their farm’s soil health, which

5:00 PM Jun 11, 2015

School may be out, but we need to stay sharp

3:00 PM Jun 11, 2015