10:17 AM Jul 6, 2011

This past week went OK. I only worked out twice at Bodi N Balance. Once with Trevor Tieche and the other with Derek Nimrichter and the new trainer Hannah.

11:08 AM Jul 5, 2011

Jane Scott, the remarkable rock critic for the Cleveland Plain Dealer born in 1919 who covered rock music for the PD well into her 80s, had died at age 92. Her death is making national news -- I heard a report about it on NPR today.

10:45 AM Jul 5, 2011

Hello people, well I've endured the first half of the year.  Let me tell you it's been a roller coaster ride. I had lots of peaks and valleys, but overall I am happy with my progress.

10:48 AM Jun 28, 2011

Hi again.  Well I'm within striking distance of the 250-mark.  I weighed out Monday at 255.

Friday is the half-year point and I plan on doing my official weigh-in and measurements.

10:40 AM Jun 28, 2011

Not a whole lot to report this week. I have recovered from my trip and I am getting back to my workouts.

In the next couple of weeks I should be able to do a 3-mile run at a steady pace.

10:37 AM Jun 28, 2011

This week was a normal week. I went to the gym a few times. I don't want to weigh in until July 7 so I will not have a weight update for you until then.

12:57 AM Jun 25, 2011

(UPDATED WITH AUDIO INTERVIEW) The Ohio House voted Wednesday to approve a bill that applies rules in the Great Lakes Compact to Ohio.

6:35 PM Jun 22, 2011

We had a full show this week with our regulars Ashley Bethard from Funcoast and reporter Andy Ouriel. This week's guests were Ruth and Bob Haag and we also had a pretaped interview with the AFL/CIO's Tim Burga.

6:34 PM Jun 22, 2011

It is that time of year again for the annual Fourth of July photo contest sponsored by the Sandusky Register and SnapShots Inc. in downtown Sandusky.

1:33 PM Jun 21, 2011

Taxpayers in Congressman Bob Latta's district, which includes Huron, Sandusky and Seneca counties, may be getting lots of extra representation when they send him to Washington. When he's working in his office in the U.S.

11:10 AM Jun 21, 2011

Hello everyone. This past week I didn't get to the gym as often as I wanted, but I still managed to lose. I am down 41 pounds now total. I have 9 more to go by July 7. That's 17 days and I feel I can do it.

10:58 AM Jun 21, 2011

Hey readers, the halfway point is rapidly approaching and I'm in high gear this week. I promised I would be 250 and I'm not going to disappoint.

My injury is better, my attitude is right and my diet is improving.

5:35 PM Jun 20, 2011

Connie Schultz had a good column in the PD the other day, entitled, "Now, can we get over LeBron James?"

4:22 PM Jun 16, 2011

It's time for the Cleveland Plain Dealer to admit that its PolitiFact feature is a waste of space. The paper should just get rid of it, and use the space on the front of its Metro section for more articles.

2:19 PM Jun 15, 2011

The executive director of the Sandusky State Theatre Thomas Kazmierczak was our featured guest on Between the Lines this afternoon.

Click on the player to watch the program (you can also move forward in the program using the bar directly below the player)

11:24 AM Jun 15, 2011

Cedar Point found a perfect ride for the perfect spot on the Sandusky peninsula. It may have taken a little bit longer than we all had hoped of getting to ride WindSeeker, but it is up and running and boy does it go up.

2:14 PM Jun 14, 2011

Well after a little setback of 2 pounds, I'm proud to say that I just came back form Bodi N Balance and I have lost 9 pounds in the past two weeks. I'm extremely happy!