11:36 AM Jul 1, 2012

It took us two days to drive all of Ohio 4 from Sandusky to Cincinnati. Here's the trip in a little over five minutes.

Click on the player above to watch the video

A special thank you to Victory Honda of Sandusky and Steinemann-Hafner Insurance for their support of this project.

5:07 PM Jun 29, 2012

If you cornered a Cedar Fair or Cedar Point executive and asked him or her what the most important thing is in park operations, I’d be willing to bet the rest of my life’s rides on Millennium Force he or she would say “the safety of our guests.”

12:39 PM Jun 29, 2012

This week local blogger Trina Crosland talks about conquering denial about her health and getting to work improving it.

6:03 PM Jun 28, 2012

This week on Between the Lines, Matt Westerhold talks to Shaun Bickley about the upcoming Barge Party.


5:46 PM Jun 28, 2012

Check out this week's edition of Five Points with Emil and Andy right here:

3:30 PM Jun 28, 2012

This is a weekly column by Sandusky attorney Dan McGookey, devoted to telling true stories of homeowners who have been victimized by a lending system that makes it profitable to foreclose. The names used have been changed for privacy purposes. This is the Pavliks' Tale.

1:36 PM Jun 27, 2012

The Sandusky History Blog reminds us that tonight at 6:30 p.m., Ron Davidson will present a talk at Sandusky Library on this history of taverns in our fair city.

2:39 PM Jun 26, 2012

The three FIT Challenge contestants got together last week to compete in an exciting obstacle course challenge.

11:48 AM Jun 26, 2012

This past week has gone great, even though I was a little under the weather.  What a great way to welcome summer in. 

11:46 AM Jun 26, 2012

From an exercise standpoint this may not have been my most productive week, but I started slow intentionally.  Having struggled for a while with my bum hamstring, I wanted to be careful going into Wednesday’s final FIT Challenge.  That being said, I only spent time gardening on Tuesday prior to W

11:44 AM Jun 26, 2012

Wow.  Time flies, doesn’t it?

5:22 PM Jun 25, 2012

Newspapers are constantly flooded with press releases and story idea pitches. It's impossible for us to cover them all.

7:44 PM Jun 22, 2012

We are going to drive Ohio 4 until it ends

3:24 PM Jun 22, 2012

The Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay blog gives us a peek this week at a stone marker at the boundary of the Connecticut Western Reserve.

11:49 AM Jun 22, 2012

So, three priests walk into Matt Westerhold's office...

...For an appearance on Between the Lines. They discuss their plans to leave the community on upcoming transfers.


12:20 AM Jun 22, 2012

 The Sandusky Register's annual Fourth of July Photo Contest has begun and is available online for the first time. The Nature gallery has been posted after a delay.

6:00 PM Jun 21, 2012

Check out this week's installment of Five Points with Emil and Andy right here.