It's likely Sandusky County Coroner John Wukie knows it.

It's apparent Ohio Attorny General Mike DeWine does.

DeWine's Bureau of Criminal Investigation special agent Charlie Snyder has it.

7:18 AM May 22, 2014

I am from a small town near Sandusky. I am writing this in regards to our society being too dependent on technology.

4:10 PM May 21, 2014

I am concerned about the depreciating amount of acceptance of prayer in schools.

12:13 PM May 21, 2014

Raises for salaried employees and improvements to Water Street.


Where did this money suddenly come from?

And yet there is not enough money to keep the Venice Road Fire Station open full time?

5:43 PM May 20, 2014

This week's blog is going to take us to Arkansas.

After my last fishing tournament on Toledo Bend Reservoir, I had a week off.

3:23 PM May 20, 2014

One would think the attack on Sept. 11, 2001, would have awakened Americans for the foreseeable future to the need to prepare for unexpected dangers.

1:43 PM May 20, 2014
Could the fire department abuse the admission tax revenue?
12:20 PM May 20, 2014

At times, Sandusky city commission meetings reflect an elementary school classroom setting, highlighted by uncontrollable behavior and nonsensical dialogue.

There’s also assigned seating.

6:52 AM May 20, 2014
Historians have stated for decades the American Civil War, this country’s bloodiest, resulted in 620,000 fatalities.

9:09 PM May 19, 2014
1964 was the last year a Cleveland team won a major sports championship. (It was before the Super Bowl, but the Browns trounced the Baltimore Colts in the NFL title game, 27-0, on Dec. 27, 1964.)

5:50 PM May 19, 2014
He was talking on the phone when I arrived.

Phone time for Steve Ernst, this time of year, adds up to a lot of time.

4:20 PM May 19, 2014
Corn prices are plummeting as farmers across the Midwest race to plant this year’s crop.
1:12 PM May 19, 2014

Sandusky city commissioner Naomi Twine is sure about one thing. 

"We're moving in the right direction and we're going to keep that momentum," she said, a day after city commission voted 7-0 to hire Ohio City economic development director Eric Wobser to serve as city manager. 

10:30 AM May 19, 2014
I very rarely play the lottery. It’s much more efficient to just flush money down the toilet than to waste time buying instant tickets, scratching them off and then looking for a trash can in which to deposit them.
10:36 PM May 18, 2014

It seems there's very little doubt: Improving conditions define the economy in Erie County and the Northcoast region. 

10:30 AM May 18, 2014