I don’t ever remember running a 5K.

I have walked 5Ks in the past. 

I have done miles runs, but I have never done 3.1 in one shot. 

9:31 AM Oct 30, 2014

I am writing this letter of support for the re-election of Barbara Ansted as Sandusky County Common Pleas Court judge.

5:19 PM Oct 29, 2014

When picking a lean-meat pork option, pork loin provides a lower-fat alternative to other cuts, such as pork chops or bacon.

This recipe is flavorful and packed with protein.

Balsamic Brown Sugar Pork

3:51 PM Oct 29, 2014

Why do the city leaders expect city residents to subsidize the tourist industry? 

The city services department, police, fire, water department, etc. are much larger than a town nontourist with the same size population.

2:54 PM Oct 29, 2014

Every election for judge is important. I fully support the candidacy of Lorrain Croy. I have known Lorrain for years, but I have also had the advantage of hearing my husband speak favorably of her competency and character, both in conference and in the court room.

2:35 PM Oct 29, 2014

School superintendent Mr. Sanders said: "Sandusky doesn't have the facilities to compete and meet the state standards." 

2:17 PM Oct 29, 2014

Busy, busy, busy me.

The FIT Fright Challenge 5K on Sunday kicked my bleep!

But honestly it made me want to do more!

The next time I will not take a temperamental 40-pound kid with me! I will be paying a sitter! Lol.

11:44 AM Oct 29, 2014

There are things you can do to help you keep your keys longer

10:08 AM Oct 29, 2014

What do you do when the  person you want to be does not coincide with the person you are?

8:39 AM Oct 29, 2014

I still haven't made it into the gym since starting to work again.

I feel pretty upset about not holding up my end of the bargain for the FIT Challenge; however, work in my career is more important to me.

The upside of everything is that I feel pretty good about working.

9:13 PM Oct 28, 2014
FIT Challenger Sherry Waugh has made it to the halfway mark of the FIT Challenge and she is really going strong. 
7:49 PM Oct 28, 2014

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, the voters of Huron will have the opportunity to vote on Issue 3, a renewal school levy for the Huron City Schools.

3:33 PM Oct 28, 2014

This past week I had the opportunity to accompany Rem Confessor and Abbi Hastings to a farm field of one of Erie County’s agricultural producers, to view the set up and data collection method they are utilizing for infiltration tests.  Rem is a Professor with Heidelberg University and the Nationa

2:25 PM Oct 28, 2014

Many people have heard the quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world" at least once in their lives. They are words meant to inspire and words meant to fuel a fire to better not only ourselves but our communities. How often do we really act on those words, though?

2:00 PM Oct 28, 2014

On a rainy winter night in 1985, I was hitchhiking and a kind stranger gave me a ride. 

I voted to re-elect the kind stranger - Judge Bruce Winters.

Lightfoot Murray


12:00 PM Oct 28, 2014