I wonder if the commissioners really gave it any thought as to how much staff time is involved trying to arrange for some of the city commission meetings to be held off site.
12:30 PM Apr 29, 2014

Becca Anderson, whose play “President Mom” will be performed at Saturday’s new play festival at the Caryl Crane Youth Theatre at BGSU Firelands, is no stranger to Sandusky.

6:32 AM Apr 29, 2014
The loud ringtone keeps sounding as 911 flashes up on the screen.
8:06 PM Apr 28, 2014

When people go to the Sandusky Police Department, they typically use an in-station telephone to contact an officer. Reporters do the same when they need to speak to an officer.

5:30 PM Apr 28, 2014

As a staff, we at Shawnee Elementary School would like to thank the Huron Community, Sandusky Catholic Schools, Panera, Huron Parent Organization, Stein Hospice, Mr. Muratori, Mr.

3:33 PM Apr 28, 2014

Global farmers, fishermen, meteorologists and commodities traders are closely watching water temperatures in the South Pacific, waiting to see if the water will warm up this summer, a telltale sign of the El Niño phenomenon. According to the U.S.

1:11 PM Apr 28, 2014
Most agree that the United States needs to improve its education system, but how?

11:45 AM Apr 28, 2014

Although I opposed the past three Perkins School levy attempts, I am now urging Perkins residents to vote yes and support the May 6 school levy.

10:21 AM Apr 28, 2014

The great debate about shrinking government could get underway tomorrow during the Sandusky City Commission meeting.

A proposal to reduce the number of commissioners from seven to five could be discussed some, but likely will get approval from a majority on commission.

7:52 AM Apr 28, 2014

The recovery of two bodies and search that continues for two missing fishermen on Lake Erie should serve as yet another  reminder of the grave dangers the lake presents.

7:00 AM Apr 28, 2014

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little” - Steven Potter

•Summer programs providing services for children are looking for volunteers to help with fun programming and activities, and to help feed the children during the day programs.

8:56 PM Apr 27, 2014
As April leads into May, Ohio should soon be awash in the beauty of flowering trees.
7:53 PM Apr 27, 2014

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has set forth 10 guiding “principles” when discussing the issue of recovery.

I thought it might help to review those principles they set forth so the idea of recovery can be better understood.

11:12 PM Apr 25, 2014

(Erie County) MetroParks has a levy on the (May 6) ballot. Before going on to new areas, they should take the leadership role to resolve past issues.

6:36 PM Apr 25, 2014