7:37 PM Jun 3, 2014
Some plants and trees love this wet weather we have been having. One family of those wet-loving plants is the willows. They are interesting additions to the landscape, but can be a problem if placed too close to foundations and waterlines.
3:33 PM Jun 3, 2014
A few weeks ago in Virginia three people were killed when the hot-air balloon in which they were riding clipped a power line, causing the gondola to explode into flames.
12:25 PM Jun 3, 2014

  This shrub was used in many different applications in the past. It was once burned for purification and exorcism, and is considered one of the oldest sources of incense.

12:19 PM Jun 3, 2014
Can the city really afford to pay for all the perks?
12:10 PM Jun 2, 2014

Corn and wheat prices have been plummeting recently, an unwelcome sign for Midwestern farmers who have been busy planting corn and are preparing to harvest their winter wheat.

1:33 PM Jun 1, 2014



A local family has been involved in one of life's most important moments for 50 years.

6:14 PM May 30, 2014

I still drive down Fulton Street nearly every day, and when I stop at Perry Street for oncoming traffic, I still look at the river, the lake, and the pier of giant boulders that extends hundreds of feet out into the water, separating the river from the lake, and I get to wondering how long it wil

5:15 PM May 30, 2014

See a turkey? Report a turkey.

12:30 PM May 30, 2014

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending April 24, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties.

11:57 AM May 30, 2014

The other day, I covered a meeting of folks at Erie Shore Network, the local mental health agency. The point of the meeting was to try to head off legislation in Columbus that would eliminate funding for Erie Shore.

11:12 AM May 30, 2014

Thank you to Keaton Garrity for writing an informative letter regarding the horrendous treatment animals go through to supply clothing to people in this country. (Reader forum)

3:52 PM May 29, 2014
The latest Stockholm International Peace Research Institute report on arms sales issued this past March stated India’s arms imports were three times higher than China’s and Pakistan’s.
3:00 PM May 29, 2014
How your sphere of influence reacts to fulfill or empower countless unknown others'.
1:20 PM May 29, 2014
We previously told the stories of several clients who have been victimized by Ocwen in a strikingly similar way, suggesting that Ocwen may have adopted a pattern of deception in its loan servicing practices.
5:11 PM May 28, 2014

Carl Topilow, the music director and conductor for the Firelands Symphony Orchestra, has helped build the orchestra's audience by bringing in outstanding soloists. Next year, he's arguably outdone himself.

4:00 PM May 28, 2014

Attending the Firelands Positive People awards program for the first time last Wednesday, I didn’t know what to expect. But neither did Sandusky Central Catholic’s guidance counselor Cathy Zeiher.