Topey learns seed from Schlessman Seed
2:33 PM Aug 10, 2015

We may be a little biased from our vantage point at the corner of Jackson and Market streets, but the availability of retail space on the first floor of Rieger Place, a senior housing facility, presents a — pardon the pun — golden opportunity.

9:00 AM Aug 10, 2015

Thumbs up to the State of Ohio’s sales tax holiday this weekend.  If you need clothing or school supplies for the upcoming school year, this weekend would be a good opportunity to save a few bucks by not having to pay any state tax on your purchases.

6:00 AM Aug 10, 2015
Land values inch higher, oil drops
2:00 PM Aug 9, 2015


The United Kennel Club (UKC), an alternative organization to the American Kennel Club, maintains a dog registry of over 300 breeds of dogs. Their breeding pedigrees determines the eligibility of dogs that may run in Hunting Retriever Club (HRC) hunts.

6:10 PM Aug 8, 2015
Wes Poole is running to keep his seat on the commission in 2015
4:04 PM Aug 8, 2015
Area races set for the next several weeks
9:30 AM Aug 8, 2015
I didn't get to meet George Will or Megyn Kelly
9:26 AM Aug 8, 2015
Times of great decision lie ahead of us
3:00 PM Aug 6, 2015
"Conservation is a state of harmony between men and the land." - Aldo Leopold
8:28 AM Aug 6, 2015

This recipe for edamame hummus is a guaranteed hit for your next gathering.

Why buy prepackaged hummus when you can make your own delicious hummus right at home?

3:22 PM Aug 5, 2015
'Welcome to the “Platinum Age” of campaign contributions.'
5:00 PM Aug 4, 2015
Professional development workshop for artists
1:28 PM Aug 4, 2015
'By presenting the issue, it doesn’t sound like the commissioners value the experience the two employees have contributed over the years only to have the two jobs placed in jeopardy.'
1:00 PM Aug 4, 2015
R.C. Durkee is the author of 'Rum Run'
4:55 PM Aug 2, 2015