3:43 PM Dec 20, 2012

If you haven't made cookies for the big guy in red with the beard, tonight is your chance at the City of Sandusky Service Center starting at 6 p.m.

10:58 AM Dec 20, 2012

In the world of securitized mortgage loan defense, I’ve found from past experience that I will never be able to say that I’ve seen it all. That is because something new and surprising always seems to be lurking around every corner.

3:03 PM Dec 19, 2012

Q: I am currently dating my best friend of three years. I thought this was what I wanted but now I'm having second thoughts. I like being with him and I care about him a lot. He's extremely quirky though and sometimes this turns me off as I'm embarrassed to be around him.

11:01 AM Dec 19, 2012

Since there's been some discussion of the local New Year's pretzel tradition this week in the Mailbag, we decided to share an old post by the Sandusky History blog on the subject.


11:00 AM Dec 18, 2012

This week I'm discussing the interpretation of the Sunshine Law when it comes to chief search committee.

Two members were absent at the Police Chief Committee meeting, one of which teleconferenced into the meeting.

9:45 AM Dec 18, 2012

The annual Festival of Lights lighting display at Sawmill Creek in Huron continues through the end of the year every evening from 5 to 10 p.m. Santa and Mrs. Claus are there from 6 to 9 p.m. until December 23 at the Candy Cane House to say "hi" to the children.

12:12 PM Dec 17, 2012

If you were anywhere close to Cedar Point or the causeway on Sunday morning you probably caught a glimpse of St. Nick, or about 2,000 St. Nicks.

1:08 PM Dec 14, 2012

The following are the highest three real estate transactions made in Erie, Ottawa and Huron counties for the week ending Dec. 14.




11:02 AM Dec 14, 2012

Remember when skunk hides sold for $3? Neither do we — because it was 90 years ago. The Sandusky History blog this week reminds us of the Lake Erie Hide and Leather Company.

5:44 PM Dec 13, 2012

Mike and Shannon Limberios were our guests on Between the Lines with their attorney Dan McGookey earlier today.


Watch the program in the player below


11:03 AM Dec 13, 2012

We see with some regularity banks sending statements to our clients claiming that they owe more on their mortgage than they in fact do. When this happens, it is most likely due to the bank’s failure to credit homeowners with the payments they’ve made.

2:57 PM Dec 12, 2012

Q: I’m 22 and have never had a boyfriend. I've been told that I'm attractive, but there hasn't been a guy in my life who has told me he likes me. Likewise, I have never really liked anyone. I was never the boy crazy type. Is this abnormal?

10:24 AM Dec 12, 2012

For my "best books of 2012" blog posting, I followed the same rules as when I did a similar posting last year -- I asked writers and other readers for recommendations. I did not ask anyone to limit himself or herself to books that were published in 2012.

10:24 AM Dec 12, 2012

Nine months after the death of their 19-year-old son, Mike and Shannon Limberios are still fighting for answers from Sandusky County officials.

9:07 AM Dec 12, 2012

(UPDATED after 12:12) In case you didn't know, it is the 12th day of the 12th month and the 12th year of the millenium.