3:00 PM Sep 4, 2014
Getting to know the cohort. Sounds evil, doesn't it?
2:48 PM Sep 4, 2014

The only thing known for certain about the 88th Ohio House District seat is that come January there will be a new face in Columbus. 

9:28 AM Sep 4, 2014

The Libertarian Party's candidate for governor,  Charlie Earl, ordered off the ballot by Ohio's Republican secretary of state, Jon Husted, has mounted a last ditch effort effort to participate in the fall election. He's filed a new lawsuit.

8:40 PM Sep 3, 2014
August BIG YEAR Update
6:50 PM Sep 3, 2014

This coming September 13th some people in Recovery will be traveling over 100 miles to join with our area’s local Recovery members and those who support Recovery to celebrate Sandusky’s “First Annual Recovery Walk”.

4:29 PM Sep 3, 2014

Fruits and veggies are in abundance right now, and they are an important part of your diet!

Everyone can benefit from eating more of them.

They can help lower your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, protect you against cancer and help your vision. 

11:49 AM Sep 3, 2014

This past week went much better!

Even though I sometimes have difficulties getting with my trainer at NOMS, I have used some of the things he taught me and I do them at home.

6:49 PM Sep 2, 2014

We started FIT Challenger Andy Carroll with basic stretches and exercises and minor modifications to his diet. The goal was to slowly get him to introduce lifestyle changes into his daily routine.

12:30 PM Sep 2, 2014

This past week has been pretty good.

Nothing has changed much, but I am just feeling better physically.

I met with my personal trainer Ken Cutcher on Tuesday and Wednesday at Huron Anytime Fitness.

11:16 AM Sep 2, 2014

Register managing editor and "Between the Lines" host Matt Westerhold took the plunge Thursday during (watch) a special on the road BTL at the Sandusky Library.

9:30 AM Sep 2, 2014

Jeff Rosenbaum, prominent in Cleveland as an organizer of counterculture and pagan events, has died.

8:21 AM Sep 2, 2014

It is always good to start the day with a good breakfast.

So here is a recipe to do just that.

There are so many different things you can do with this recipe, such as add some turkey sausage or just do all egg whites to lower the cholesterol.

7:28 PM Sep 1, 2014

With 20 counties comprising Ohio’s Great Lakes Region, the state has an abundance of shoreline — over 300 miles.

These places where land meets water are special, offering people areas to play, contemplate and appreciate the natural world.

7:11 PM Sep 1, 2014
Margin Protection Program for dairy producers