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Bellevue Police


June 5, 2013

10:18 p.m. — 100 block Friedley Ave., man said neighbor was riding ATV in his yard, and his dog was pooping in his yard.

8:30 AM Jun 8, 2013

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Ottawa County Sheriff


7:00 AM Jun 8, 2013

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The federal government needs to stop cheating the rules and start requiring federal police agencies to operate in an accountable fashion. 

5:00 AM Jun 8, 2013

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending April 13, in Ottawa, Erie and Sandusky counties. For a full listing of real estate transactions, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.

10:30 PM Jun 7, 2013

President Obama, defending his domestic spying program today, said that Congress knows all about it. 

5:20 PM Jun 7, 2013

Get the police blotter every day in the Register.


Sandusky Police


June 5
3:45 p.m. — 1200 block Central Ave., neighbor threw dirt at woman’s car because she upset him by closing car door too loudly.
1:30 PM Jun 7, 2013

See how Ohio Bike Week is shaping up in downtown Sandusky in this edition of Between the Lines. Dana Freeman and Jon Limber from Tandem Media and talked with Matt about what to see and do this weekend.

1:05 PM Jun 7, 2013

Libertarians believe government should have a compelling reason before it restricts an individual’s liberty. Today’s liberals believe almost any reason will do, because liberty is less important than equality, fraternity, fighting obesity, and many other aspirations.

9:30 AM Jun 7, 2013

The third installment of the Werling boys road trip series is set and this year we are calling it a "Round Trip" as we are driving around Lake Erie.

9:22 AM Jun 7, 2013

Get the police blotter every day in the Register.



7:20 AM Jun 7, 2013


"Good luck!"

"It must be nice."

Words of honest praise from others who very much mean you well.

5:12 PM Jun 6, 2013

Excerpt: You might say I have a dog in this fight.

He’s tiny. He’s blind. His bark is decidedly unmanly and his bites, usually in defense against things that can’t be seen, are forgivably innocuous.

I am his seeing-eye human.

8:30 AM Jun 6, 2013

Get the police blotter every day in the Register. 


Sandusky Police

June 4, 2013


7:43 a.m. — 400 block McKelvey St., officers released sick opossum into the woods after man caught it in his kitchen. 


7:00 AM Jun 6, 2013

Reaction to Eda’s initial advice:

3:00 PM Jun 5, 2013

Get the police blotter every day in the Register. 

Sandusky Police


June 1, 2013

5:18 a.m. — 1900 block Fourth St., woman did not want to sign charges against boyfriend who hit her in face.
1:30 PM Jun 4, 2013

My topic this week is the City Hall project.

11:00 AM Jun 4, 2013

It's a natural fit for the Ohio Veterans Home to have an expansive military museum. 

8:30 AM Jun 4, 2013