It took some planning but the Rieger Place preview event was a success.

I worked last week with Sandusky Main Street Association as they prepared for the Rieger Place unveiling.

2:30 PM Nov 24, 2014

"If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards." Paul Bryant

12:00 PM Nov 24, 2014

Sandusky native Yolonda Sanders (Yolonda Brown when she graduated from Perkins High School in 1994) has just published her new mystery novel, "Day of Atonement," the second book in her new "Protective Detective" series. 

11:10 AM Nov 24, 2014

The county land bank has tarnished its reputation.

It seems the county land bank’s chairman and the director have given the county land bank a black eye by overstepping their authority.  The director’s bosses are made up of all the board members and not just the chairman alone.

9:34 AM Nov 24, 2014

The Wall Street Journal's book club, which invites famous authors to lead online discussions of books, is about to take on one of my favorite novels:

8:23 PM Nov 23, 2014

By Barbara Wagner,

Erie County Master Gardener

7:00 AM Nov 23, 2014

A few years ago, when I was working on an article for the Register, I took a tour of the Erie County. I was surprised to discover that most of the inmates were black. 

3:01 PM Nov 22, 2014
"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
12:07 PM Nov 22, 2014

The Old Farmers’ Almanac has been published since 1792, making it the longest continuously published publication in America. It came out in September, predicating the upcoming winter weather that is used by farmers and outdoor enthusiasts.

9:31 AM Nov 22, 2014

Have you ever done a turkey trot? Our area has a couple of great races and you just may come away with a turkey to cook after the race.

6:38 PM Nov 21, 2014

Drivers warm to cheap gasoline

4:00 PM Nov 21, 2014

If you pay any attention to American literature and the local book scene, you probably know that Cleveland is home to an acclaimed novelist named Thrity Umrigar. Her new novel, The

2:20 PM Nov 21, 2014

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending Nov. 15, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties:

12:01 PM Nov 21, 2014

This is my last blog before Thanksgiving so I thought I would start with what I am most thankful for this year. 

First, I am thankful to be so wonderfully blessed with a family that loves me and supports me no matter what. 

11:54 AM Nov 21, 2014

The need for donations has steadily grown.

In 2011, then Care and Share executive director told Dan Ward told the Register the food bank had served a record 169 families in one week.

Three years later, Care and Share sometimes serves more than 100 families in just one day. 

11:53 AM Nov 21, 2014

I would like to thank every citizen who voted yes on Issue 6 — you may have saved Port Clinton from being known as Condo City.

And a very special thank you to Don Finke and every member of the CORD. Without them we could not have won.

11:00 AM Nov 21, 2014

The recent election in Ohio was a disaster for Democrats. They lost races for every single statewide office, including contests for the Ohio Supreme Court. Five Ohio House seats held by Democrats, including state Rep. Chris Redfern's, went over to the Republican Party.

9:28 AM Nov 21, 2014