What page is the city commission on?

Aug 12, 2014


The city commissioners are flip-flopping around with their decision making. The residents don’t know what page the commissioners are on from one meeting to the next.
First, the commissioners have applications out to hire a firefighter, and then they tell us they are going to pay overtime instead.
It was probably a good call to make. The commissioners may not get their tax passed, and the employee would have to be laid off due to next year’s budget deficit.
Secondly, the commissioners reneged on their promise not to place a tax on the ballot since the school has a levy going on the ballot at the same time. A petition increasing the admission tax changed the minds of the commissioners.
Sometimes, when commissioners do not listen to the wishes of the people, the people have no recourse but to resort to a petition to gain the commissioners’ attention. 
Thirdly, the commissioners have temporarily removed the issue of reducing the commissioners down to five. Reducing the commissioners down to five is highly controversial. I don’t think the commissioners would want to take the chance of aggravating the voters. Anything that could set the voters off with a "no" vote would place the other ballot issues in jeopardy.
It cost thousands of dollars that the city doesn't have to spend to place each issue on the ballot. The city doesn’t have the money to place a $1,000 camera at the recyclable bins, but it has the money to place issues on the ballot. Money is always available when it comes to spending money for a cause that the commissioners desire to promote.
Anything the residents desire, it is all about not having enough money to fill their needs.
I have to wonder where the money comes from that the commissioners say they don’t have to spend — maybe that is why we are in a deficit all the time. 
Whatever is behind the reasoning for the flip-flops, the residents are always taken by surprise because some issues are not discussed before the public. There seems to be a motion and the commissioners are all voting "yes" before anyone realizes what just happened and why. I like the phrase that comes with the legislation that states everything was deliberated before the public.
At times, it is obvious the commissioners have talked about the subject before bringing the discussions before the public.
The flip-flopping issues come down to whether or not the citizens can trust the commissioners when they say one thing and turn around and do something entirely different.



Politician = liar.

The Answer Person

All you do is complain and "DO" nothing.

The Bizness

The things you mention as the commisioners "flip flopping" on are issues that should be continously reevaluated. When a new city manager comes in with new ideas, when a major corporation offers a deal, when financing situations change, things change and our commissioners should change with it.

You offer nothing.


Sharon just likes to hear her self talk, she wakes up every morning thinking of something to complain about. What a miserable life she must live!


Frankly, I LIKE the Sharon talk! She is absolutely right. The commissioners have an agenda that is rarely in line with the citizens.
What I would like to know is who the criticizers are? Some of those public sector union guys? City employees living off the citizens? Most of whom are living near the poverty line?
Where are you getting the money to place the tax increase on the ballot, Brady, Murray, Pool???? Where? I thought we were broke?
But just shut up and pay up taxpayers, don't dare to call out the unholy alliance of public sector unions and pols. You will be attacked, like Sharon is.
I'm with you Sharon, keep on!


almost forgot: VOTE NO, NO on increase in city taxes, NO on school levy!!!!

The Answer Person

If you say NO NO NO, then it must be good so I will vote IN FAVOR of the tax increase and school levy.

Other than your opinion (just like the other thing that everyone else has one of) you present nothing of verity to backup your opinions so I will vote YES YES YES because I CARE CARE CARE.


No income tax increase for 40 years? Seems reasonable to ask for 1/4%. Especially in lieu of Kasich eliminating all the funding from the state to municipalities. I'll be voting yes. I like Sandusky; lived here all my life, and don't have a problem with seeing our infrastructure improved. Plus I want to cancel out sugar's vote.


Train I am with you, I Love the city I was born and raised, It is time to keep our city clean and Beautiful!


Most cities of this size has no profitable amusement park paying taxes,The city has squandered the money it has gotten from it's cash cow and the taxpayers. The taxpayers have the buying power of 1989. Everything from gum to tires has risen in price, just no wage increases. The population has fallen. The most obvious is the city needs to live within it's means. NO
How about the city try to balance it's budget and emulate Kasichs money management.


Kasich's money management????

That's what put local government units in a jam. Our governor approved tax cuts benefitting mostly high income brackets, eliminated the estate tax, and slashed funds to local government, schools, and libraries.


Sugar, I take it buy your comment you are a city employee."Everything from gum to tires has risen in price, just no wage increases." Maybe you are the problem??




Vote YES!

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The Hero Zone

I agree with you, knowitall. In addition I would recommend that if any of you are confused on which page Commission is on, simply attend the meetings yourself or watch them at home on cable. Doing so regularly will give you knowledge about what is going on around you, empower your voice to raise questions/concerns/compliments, and also meet the people who set time aside out of their days to work for you.

It's also quite entertaining at times and not necessarily in the Game of Thrones intrigue kind of way.

God Of Thunder

Yawn....Wah,wah,wah..... Referring back to a mailbag question earlier....How did she get picked to be a columnist??




I wonder how many of the anti-Sharon commenters are aware of the issues she raises prior to her doing so?

Let's take the suggestion from Murray of going from 7 commissioners down to 5. First off, two of the sitting commissioners live on Cedar Point Road and have business deals with CP--conflicts. I personally want and see a need for diverse citizen representation not less.

Let's take the income tax increase ballot issue. The Sandusky City Schools have to be concerned about a competing ballot issue, especially, as Ms. Johnson stated, the City Commission previously agreed not to put an income tax increase on the ballot.

Let's take the closure of #7 fire station. Over the past 4 weeks it's been open everyday--crisis averted.